Lifted Chevy Truck Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by ChevyFan, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Dakotarittermusic

    Dakotarittermusic New Member

    7.5 rcx, on 35 inch nitto's with Borla exhaust

    my truck 2.jpg my truck.jpg truck.jpg
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  2. Fuentes/Chevy14

    Fuentes/Chevy14 New Member

    here's my lifted truck IMG_4439.JPG IMG_4414.JPG IMG_4416.JPG
  3. 95 silverado z71 4 inch rcx susp lift on 35 pro comp extreme mt. Camo interior(everything), train horns, etc.

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  4. Phillip123

    Phillip123 Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    I like this truck I stumbled upon to, no pictures I could find though. Guess it's no harm to post it like this :D It's a 2006 Lifted Chevy Silverado!
  5. 2big4world

    2big4world New Member

    Nice modifications I see here folks :)
    I got my beast lifted too, gonna takes some photos soon.
  6. Phillip123

    Phillip123 Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    Make sure you post them :)
  7. Ricky Istre

    Ricky Istre New Member


    Dana 60 5.38 Ring and Pinion
    Dana 60 Pinion Bearing Kit
    Dana 60 Differential Grizzly locker
    Dana 60 Carrier Bearings and Races
    Dana 60 4340 30 Spline Axle Shafts
    Dana 44 Dura Grip
    Dana 44 5.38 Gear Set
    Dana 44 Master Install Kit
    Dana 44 Front Axle Shaft U-Joint
    Dana 44 Wheel Bearings and Seals
    Exhaust Relocation for Drive Shaft Clearance-MIK
    Front Drive Shaft and Transfer Case Out Put Yoke 1350 w/ Offset U-Joint-USA
    Vehicle custom tune
    Transfer Case Front Out Put Shaft Seal-OR
    Transfer Case Shift Linkage Parts
    Manuel Shift Case, Mounted and Modified Shifter, Built Shift
    Linage, Mounted Switch For Transmission Signal in 4x4 low
    Selection, Changed Front Transfer Case Output Yoke to 1350
    U-Joint Size, Installed Front Drive Shaft
    Limited Slip Rear End
    D44 T/L Loaded 3.92&UP
    D44 5.38 R&P/Reverse
    Dana 44 REV Straight Axle
    Spicer U-Joint
    D44 8-Lug Hub
    Complete DriveShaft Assembly
    Front Axle Bearing & Seal Kit
    Exhaust/Clearance Front Driveshaft
    40 inch trail grapplers
    20 inch chrome aluminum alloy wheels
    After market CD/DVD dash screen
    HID fog lights
    1st through 4th gear clutch kits
    Corvette torque converter
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  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

  9. R3DL3G

    R3DL3G New Member

    Great stance.

    My avalanches were all slammed and bagged but now I'm going in a different direction with my silvy. People give me a hard time because it's a 2wd and how only 4wd's get lifted. Anyone have a thought on this?
  10. R3DL3G

    R3DL3G New Member

    I'm loving that hood and that red pops

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