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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Kuntryboy, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. ajarman

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    I am pretty sure it comes as a full kit. Call Rancho, they are really cool guys and will help you out with any questions. Time was an issue for me so I had to pay a shop to do the install, but if you have the time and the tools it would be an awesome learning experience and a good way to save some $$$. When it comes time for you to do the install PM mfleetwood. He did his own install.
  2. mfleetwood

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    ahmitchell - In case you can't just get the front portion of the kit, at least you will get the blocks and larger u-bolts which you will need anyway if your springs do not come with them or you don't have already.

    And yes, regarding the install. It is fairly easy for someone who is mildly experienced with working on vehicles, but as ajarman mentioned, it is very time consuming (like 3 full days for me and I had help). You really only need basic tools but unless you have a commercial grade coil spring compressor, you'll probably have to take to a shop. I tried with a couple of different standard spring compressors and bent them both. If I remember correctly, I think the shop charged me about $20 to replace both shocks and they did it in only a few minutes.

    Good luck and have fun!
  3. ahmitchell1

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    My dads got a shop back home with everything I can imagine? I'm hoping to be able to knock it out n a day or two. I read that it's basically bolt in other than have to cut ur transfer case skid plate if you have the z71. Thanks for all the info guys im thinking of getting 6in taller leaf springs and keeping my leveling kit up front since with the dropped crossmember that kit has amazing cv angles. Now it's time to stop spend money on my other vehicles, and I got my eye on a 72 blazer
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  4. Kuntryboy

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    quick question Alabamaxrebel: where did you get your tow mirrors and are the power or manual? would like to find some power ones, but they seem to be really expensive.
  5. SWAT13

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    I started a group a few days ago..."All Jacked Up"

    resized 1.jpg resized 3.jpg resized 5.jpg resized 7.jpg

    7" lift
    35" Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ's
    20x10 American Racing Rims with a -24 offset
  6. Jimmeh

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    Those tow mirrors almost look like the ones found on the Dodges. I like them!
  7. MTM

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    Yea they are off a 02 an they line up really well with the body lines and the bolt pattern is almost perfect. It's either you love em or you hate em. I've always liked the look of them so decided to install them. Love having them when I tow and even daily driving is nice to have them

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    SWAT 13...Ever thought of putting some towing mirrors?
  8. SWAT13

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    Yeah man...I just posted a comment on a another post for "tow mirrors". I think they would look good on my truck, since it has a wide stance. Wat do u think?
  9. MTM

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    Well as you can see by pic I like towing mirrors(My our dodge on a chevy) so yea. Your truck is so clean i think it would look really good with a set of towing mirrors. If you find some i think the ones with the light would look really cool(in my opinion i would smoke the lens but that's just me). But yes it will look really good and i think it will make your truck look bigger and give it a really aggressive look from the front
  10. SWAT13

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    Yep...u nailed it! Smoked out lighted ones, if I can find em.......

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