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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Kuntryboy, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. ippielb

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    I am needing a built transmission for my mud truck, I have a lightly built 350 in my truck and I'm starting to lose my second transmissions reverse. Sounds like a good beas of a mud truck. And at all the mud bogs they do have quad runs, basically same thing as the truck's going through the pits but atv's and side by sides.

    Okay, I gotcha, do a little research on EFI live DSP 5 switches, I have put one on a 03 duramax.
  2. Kuntryboy

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    wanted to ask a quick question yall: Can i put 285/70/18's on my stock 18'' z71 wheels? i have a leveling kit already installed and those tires are about 34x11.5's. if they wont fit then im gonna go with 275/70/18 which is about a 33.5x11.5

  3. Burden33

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    you will be doing major trimming into the metal with that size tire i personally wouldnt go anything over a 33 and even then your at its limit since our trucks have squard fenders.
  4. Kuntryboy

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    alright thanks man, 275/70's it is
  5. DSpivey

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    Ill jump in this thread....specs in sig
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    285/70/18's will fit. I'm running that tire w a leveling kit now and have 18x 9 xd monster wheels
  7. Kuntryboy

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    really? any trimming to do? i dont want the 275/70's anymore cause they are so skinny

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    Looks good! Those rims and tires are super sweet. Absolutely love them.
  9. DSpivey

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    I dont get on here much, but i figured i would throw a couple more pics up from a recent show, and since I changed wheels and colormatched all my black plastic.
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    Black Widow Edition

    Specs in signature.........

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