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    I'm wanting to do about a 2.5-3" lift on a 2000 S10 4x4, and I have no idea what to do. (I usually lower stuff lol) I keep seeing "leveling kits" and I don't really know what the difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit is. The S10 needs new struts and bushings anyway, so I figure why not mod it at the same time? haha

    Is this what I'm really going for?

    Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, I'm new to modding trucks. haha
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    the kit you posted has rear lift shackles so it will lift both front and rear. a leveling kit will only level the front to match the back. Sounds like you got a good kit. But I would go straight through Rough Country. Another roption you would have is a 3" body lift... but they aren't my favorite...
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    there are major differences in kits out there. I don't know if a 2.5" would cause poor angles for things like drive shafts and front CV shafts. But, it looks like the kit that you provided a link to does not provide brackets to drop the front diff to correct angles. I know that this is a 5" kit, and 4 times the price of the kit that you showed, but take a look at this kit just as an example of the different kits out there:

    I have used and installed many brands of kits on multiple trucks. As far as quality looks/ feel in your hands BDS seems to always be the best in my eyes. With rough country it seems like the holes in the brackets never line up. I always have to redrill or slot the holes on those kits. Plus it seems like the welds on the rough country kits are not always done all the way around a part. For example, BDS will weld all the way around a seam that joints two pieces of metal together to make a part. Rough country will weld a couple spots a few inches long and be done with it. That being said, I never had a rough country kit fail, I can't say the same for super lift. I have had some major issues having a truck with a rough country kit aligned after install. This is something that rough country claims they fixed in their redesign, so I would order directly from rough country if you are going to buy that kit, that should ensure that you get the newest design of the product, not some guy's old stock he has laying around his garage and is trying to dump on ebay. I really do prefer BDS, they have lifetime warranty and I beat the crap out of my system with 38's on it and never had any issues. But, I understand that they may be a little pricey and double the lift height you are looking for.
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