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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by 15cent36, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Hey guys! Im a a newbie on the forum but i have a few questions to you lighting experts out there. So two things, im looking to put a 40 or 50 inch light bar on the top of my cab, can anybody recommend any brands/makes and give me any possible downsides to doing this? im also looking to replace my headlight Halo bulbs with color bulbs. I have recon headlights in my truck right now, i can get the model number for them as soon as im home from school if needed. Any help is appreciated!

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    Welcome to the site!!

    I'm not an expert in lighting by any means, so we shall bump this back to the top for the big dogs!
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    Rigid Industries makes some spectacular monodirectional LED light bars (and other LED lights) for pure lighting purposes (i.e. driving lights, off-road lights, etc.). As far as omnidirectional (i.e. forward, rear, alley lights, etc) LED light bars, Whelan is a key player, there, and you can buy pre-configured bars or order them to spec ... get strobe controllers for it and the like.

    Neither brand is cheap ... but you get what you pay for from each.

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