Limp mode activated with low beams

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    2003 Chevy Suburban 2500, 6L, 208,000km

    The moment the low beam lights come on, or the day time running lights, the car goes into limp mode with an error code of 1518.

    Replaced the battery with a new one and checked the voltage with a DMM, with engine running, and found it to be 14.28vdc.

    Anyone know what could be causing this engine failure?
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    UPDATE: This is how the problem needed to be fixed;

    So I tackled the LHS ground point behind the engine block, using a 15mm hex key. Polished the wire eyelets with a file and reinstalled it. A few photos to enlighten the reader:
    [image] 102935819/in/photostream/ [/image]

    [image] 102936275/in/photostream/ [/image]

    [image] 102935913/in/photostream/ [/image]

    The easiest ground points to clean were located beneath the driver's door, as shown in the next photo.
    [image] 103765826/in/photostream/ [/image]

    The ground point G103, located on the top rear, RHS of the engine block, was left undisturbed. (I was burned out with servicing it on the driveway). Instead, I spliced in a new wire to the old one and routed it to a new ground point at the front of the engine.

    Seeing how vulnerable these grounds are to weathering, I plan to splice every accessible negative wire, of every wiring loom circuit, to a bus bar, that in turn will be attached to the negative lead of the battery.

    The Suburban is running once again [​IMG] [​IMG]

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