Linex Fender Wells

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Skoal Ring, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Skoal Ring

    Skoal Ring New Member

    I have an '07 Silverado and I was interested in getting Linex on the back fender wells to match the front fender wells. I was just going to see if anyone knew where i could find some pictures to make sure i like the look of it before i actually get it done. Also the man i talked to said that he would do it for roughly $100 bucks for the back fender wells. Is this a good deal?:meuh:
  2. CaptnBud

    CaptnBud New Member

    You might check out the GM accessories site. They have rear inner wheelwell liners for the 2008. I have not seen them, but I am going to look in to them.
  3. jdchet

    jdchet Member

    Okay it's been awhile, but if anyone is thinking of getting the wheel house liners from GM I have a couple of pics for posterity!

    Real easy to install (if you take the rear tires off) and well worth the $100!

  4. gmcem50

    gmcem50 Member

    Nice, JD. I was trying to decide whether or not to get these. I think I will now. :great:
  5. SilveradoPete

    SilveradoPete New Member

    I just ordered a set from the dealer. They are $86.62 for the pair and if I want to take the "easy" way out, $124.12 installed. JD, you said they were easy to install? Worth me saving $37.50? You know what they say, time is money. :glasses:
  6. jdchet

    jdchet Member

    Real Easy Pete! Took me about an hour with cleaning the wheelwells (I had the truck for about 9 months), jacking the truck up with a floor jack, and buzzing the tires off(I have access to air tools!) and using a drill to screw them on(included screws with goop on them).
    Good excuse to wash the pickup and look at you handiwork afterward!

  7. road rash

    road rash New Member

    I have done mine with a name brand aerosol type spray on liner and it looks great and only cost 20 bucks for 2 cans
  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    that looks great! :great:
  9. neversummer

    neversummer Member

    LINEX is way better, doesn't age. doesnt stain, oil and grease and road grime doesnt stick to it. it just hoses clean simple and easy. after a while the plastic liners stain and warp salt from roads affects it . line-x is indestructible and i highly encourage it.. if you can get it done for 100 bucks DO it i paid 100 per side.
  10. 04sierracrewcab

    04sierracrewcab Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    is this avabile for my truck???? and where and how much??

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