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    Ok this is going to be a REALLY stupid question, but I have always wondered and never figured out what Liter means. Like saying I have a 5.7, what does that mean? I know it is the engine liter but what exactly is the engine liter? Sorry for the stupid question, but I just never figured it out. Thanks, Ryan

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    just a little more info past the Litre size from what TELORVEHC states is the fact that most Litre size engines these days are configured from C.I's of late ( Cubic Inches ). Gm 5.7's today are the old 350's: Gm 5.3's are the old 305's:Gm 4.8's are the old ( I don't know thisnew one yet ). Other engines from Ford and Chrysler for example have followed the same trend. Not sure if you care about any of this info or not, anyway there it is !!!(from Canada ---)
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    Very good link!!
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    Thanks you so much everybody!! I was thinking at had to do with the displacement, but I wasn't sure. Thanks again!! Ryan
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    Actually the 5.3 is closer to a 327...old 5.4L (327)-new 5.3L (325)....And the 4.8 is close to a 283....old 4.6L (283)-new 4.8 (292).I dont think gm makes anything around the size of a 305 right now.

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