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    So my '04 silverado has this nice little pop sound that is coming out of the rear of the truck somewhere when i accelerate from a stop. It doesn't do it all the time but it originally sounded like U-joints so i replaced those, now i have a pair of rear shocks that i haven't put on yet. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this. It's driving me nuts.:grrrrrr:

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    Also i forgot, but i just ordered a set of Mickey Thompson STZs for my '04 silverado i was curious if anyone has run these and if so how well they wore.
  2. j cat

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    I had this issue with my 2000 sil 4wd. when cold out. colder the temp the more it did it. after a stop like a red light on starting to move the drive train would make a thump and this could be felt. so I sprayed the drive shaft tail piece with silicone spray and this went away for a day or two only to gradually get as bad as before. I found out threw the dealership this is because of the transfercase fluid requiring replacement. the dealership did this for free under warrantee. now I just replace this trac II fluid every 30-40,ooo mi. so far it has not returned 140,ooomi now.

    some have had to replace the bushing/sleeve because of wear or poor fit to repair this .spray this area with some lube when it does it if it goes away then you know .
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    I did the nickel plated slip yoke route because the issue will come back and I wanted it fixed for good. It was back in 08 and hasnt done it again. I think it was about $230.

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