Lock'er Down Console Safe for 2014 1500 series with bucket seats shipping soon.

Discussion in 'Mobile Security Plus' started by RGNewell, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. RGNewell

    RGNewell Member

    I was at the fab shop Friday, and they were finishing up welding the new model LD2040 console safe for the 2014 1500 series trucks. Will go to powder cating Monday and should begin shipping next week.
  2. Caroltack

    Caroltack New Member

    Which type of console exactly it is..?? And what are the charges of welding for this series..??
  3. RGNewell

    RGNewell Member

    This safe is for the floor console not the split bench under seat compartment. I don't pay for welding separately, so I don't have that cost.
  4. Chocolatebult

    Chocolatebult New Member

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