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    well this is my daily driver but its also my weekend warrior when me and my buddys goes out offroading. Lunchbox locker?
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    Lunchbox lockers are units that replace the "spider" gears and other internal parts, but use the existing carrier (in most cases, they only fit in a conventional or open carrier and won't fit the G80 carrier). Because the carrier doesn't need to be replaced, they are quite a bit cheaper than a full carrier replacement locker (like a selectable locker or the Detroit locker that have been recommended) and are cheaper/easier to install because you shouldn't have to set up the gears or anything like that.

    Basic operation: They are "normally locked" with a ratcheting mechanism that allows the wheels to differentiate under most conditions. This is basically the same operation as the full carrier replacement Detroit lockers. They seem to be pretty good units, though I understand they do take some getting used to.
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    Ox still has the cables but thaey are just as much as the ARB's

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    X2 on Mrshorty reply, they work great for the weekend trail guy. There are a couple of different brands such as Lock Rite , Spartan and Power Trax. Google the majors like Detroit/Eaton and Yukon as they will have there specific type of drop in locker.

    Hey if all else fails you can always weld the spider gears together!!!!

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