Locking differential v. limited slip

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by john cavedo, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. john cavedo

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    I just purchased a 2005 Suburban.

    How can I tell if it has the "locking differential". And if so, is the Chevy "locking differential" a true locker, or is it really a limited slip? And if it is limited slip is it mechanical?

    Also, It was advertised as an LT model. I'm now very suspucisous?

    It only has the 16 in tires and no leather. It has lots of other options like the bucket seats in the, towing package, multi zone AC/Heat, with rear control panel.

    Also has the rear audio control,

    but as I said, many things standard on the LT are not there, like:

    power pedals
    17 in wheels
    garage door openers

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MrShorty

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    As the responder said in your original thread. Look for the "G80" option code in your RPO code list. Should be a sticker in the glove box.

    I've seen some debate as to how to classify the G80 Eaton Gov-lock. I would call it a locker because it locks the axleshafts together so they can't spin independently. No matter how tight a limited slip is, most LS's never really lock the axleshafts. The G80 is automatic in that it operates without any input from the driver. That said, the G80 is "backwards" compared to traditional lockers (like a Detroit locker). Traditional automatic lockers are normally locked, with a mechanism that allows for differentiation during cornering. The G80, on the other hand, is normally open with a mechanism that senses wheel spin and locks the axleshafts under certain conditions.
  3. zippy

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    So far, sounds like an LS or an LT with many deletes (why would you do that?) Check out one of the VIN decoding sites, or look them up in your manual. That should clear up the question: LS or LT. Did the seller tell you that it's an LT in writing?
  4. john cavedo

    john cavedo New Member


    I did find out, via the dealership running the vin and printing off all the standards and options, that it is indeed an LS. I should have done this pre purchase. Seller advertised and sold it as an LT. I still think I got a decent deal, not a great deal any longer, by paying $15,400 for this 2005 LS with only 30,000 miles. It has the full tow package, with locking rear dif, power driver seat, front and rear air and stero with the upgraded bose speakers, and on star.... again, wish I had done my research on the LS and not the LT.

    thanks again.

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