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    I would like to know what ever ones experience is with the reliability of Trailblazers. I have a 2002 LTZ 2WD which is a great truck. With 72,000 miles I am starting to see some problems, mostly with the electronics and ABS brakes. I can live without ABS brakes, so that is not a big problem. (They wanted more in repairs than I have spent on my last 3 trucks combined to fix the ABS system. I am not sure I want to put more money into what appears to be a unreliable system ) I normally keep my trucks for a minimum of 150,000 miles; the last three did not have any major problems and all with more than 150,000 miles, one went over 250,000 miles. What can I expect with the Trailblazer?
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    Chevy trailblazer/gmc envoy

    Wifes 2005 Trailblazer has just over 70,000 miles and the only the altaneter has been replaced. GM recommends that you flush the brake system I believe every 30,000 miles. I do this on all our trucks and have never had a ABS issue. Everytime I've flushed one off the brake systems it is dark and dirty with only 30,000 miles on it. Also the wifes trailblazer is a 2wd, 4.2 six and the short wheelbase.
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    I will get this done. As i said, I really like this truck and plan on keeping it for at least 150,000. I bought it from a friend who bought it new. I was planning on buying a new competitors product when I had a chance to buy this. I learned to drive in a 54 Chev pickup on the farm, so it is good to be back in a GM product. The more I drive it , the more I like it. Gas millage is great for a larger truck. Much better than the 98 Pathfinder I had before.
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    I found a GMC Dealer who fixed the problems with a reasonable cost. It is now running great and I plan on keeping it for a long time.
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    Buddy of mine has 130,000 miles on his-no significant problems to speak of.
    Of course I always kid him about"having a little sissy truck-vs my beat up Suburban"
    He was/is a GM fan-I was always a Toyota buyer-so it is funny it ended up with him not having a SBC-and my having one.
    Yeah he likes his Trailblazer with the straight six-gets 25-26mpg hy vs my 21mpg-so he has me beat-except of course the "sissy truck" thing which I'm completely kidding about- but just can't restrain myself!
    You'll get good service from it.
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    Very Dependable (awesome reliability)

    I would like to chime in on this. I bought a 2005 TB, LT 4x4 brand new - my dream SUV I always wanted (I didn't know what brand I wanted but always wanted an SUV and it's my first one). I bought it right off the showroom floor at the Chevy dealer when they had the "employee discount" for those who remember that deal in '05 GM had. It currently has 122K on it. It sees some of the worst road conditions in the country in Nebraska, but I haven't wrecked it yet and it's always garaged. I drive close to 15 miles per day on pure washboard gravel bumpy sh$! garbage, to and from work before I reach hard pavement. Sometimes I need 4x4 just to make it. When it rains, the mud (clay mostly) is horrible and sticky and probably adds hundreds of pounds of weight. In winter they salt the roads as much as any rust belt State. My previous vehicle was a Toyota pickup I bought brand new also, that saw mostly pristine California roads, no salt, no gravel (before moving to NE).

    The two vehicles are like night and day. I babied and worked on the Toyota SR5 (both are 4x4) all the time, out of necessity mostly. Doing everything in the book to it maintenance-wise, only to be treated like crap, not only by the vehicle but the company (Toyota does not recall anything ever that goes wrong due to defects - or stand behind anything, even under warranty they just say "they all do that"). There is no comparison. Now, that being said, and basically because I'd have to write a Thick book here describing all the problems I had with my old Toyota, I have had a couple minor issues with my '05 TB. I can count them on one hand. The worst of these, and only "problem" that cost over $100 to fix has been the fuel gage. Needless to say I had the same problem with my Toyota (I say needless to say, because like I said - I'd have to write a book on it to document all the problems in under 200K miles it had). The difference is that this problem occured at 77K miles, when the vehicle was out of warranty.

    Chevrolet just this year, when I now have over 100K on it, mailed me a check for half the repair costs, including parts, which was almost $300 because I had it done at the dealer so it included labor. I did not have to ask them for this refund - I got a letter in the mail. I was shocked by this, considering I was used to dealing with Toyota who won't even stand behind *major defects* such as the defective 22RE aluminum cylinder head, side mirrors that fall off when the vehicle is less than a year old, starter systems that don't have a relay switch(?) Toyota is a pathetic vehicle for something described nearly everywhere as being the greatest thing on the planet since sliced bread, and I was suckered by this chatter but never again will I be.

    I changed transmission oil in my TB at around 100K (had system flushed), but never the brake fluid (had this done on my crap Toyota though). I'm surprised at the 30K recommendation. It sounds too frequent. I no longer believe in flushing the cooling system either. This does not seem to help, but if you have a Toyota you are screwed anyway, because they have the worst cooling systems on the market. My TB had a "whine" sound. I was initially worried it could be major, like the tranny or PS, but for $17 and about 10 minutes work I replaced the idler pulley with a Chinese made one from OReilleys - it's still going fine after about 60K. Working on the GM drive belt system w/tensioner is like a mechanic's dream compared to other 3 V-belt systems/& hybrids I've owned. My TB has practically every option I know of except for the navigation system, and the pocket GPS's kind of make those obsolete now anyway. But nothing has gone wrong with any of it, except this annoying switch in the back seat. It cuts out the rear speakers. Every once in a while, I have to jiggle the switch because it makes a noise in the sound system. Um, let's see what else..... 122K miles - I only change oil every 10K (it doesn't burn a drop yet) and use synthetic, "Q" 5W-30. Oh - the squirter for the rear wiper plugged up and was covered under warranty, and the leather seat material came loose in the back partly but doesn't really affect the seat much. They fixed this once under warranty, but it did it again after that.

    I believe the I-6 Vortec engine is the single best automoble engine EVER made! But some day, maybe 150K miles or so? I will have to change spark plugs, and since I've never had to work on this engine aside from minor stuff, I'm not sure how to do this. At this point, I'm still on the original battery, drive belt, hoses - everything, except air filter, and I only now replaced the rear brake pads only, even though they had quite a bit of wear left. The vehicle basically needs nothing..... ever. I'm totally satisfied with it after nearly 7 years of use. I've never owned anything nearly this good, and our last new car was an Infiniti G20 that my son is now driving. It's the only vehicle that has come remotely close in dependability/reliability to our TB, but as you know Infinitis cost waaaaay more, (I have a saying about the G20 that it eats transaxels for breakfast and fuel injectors for lunch) so personaly I would not consider one again over GM but the Infiniti is from a different planet compared to my Toyota.

    I'm just happy to not have anything to work on anymore - no more struts, fuel injectors, transaxels, starters, cylinder heads, oxygen sensors, exhaust systems, alternators, horns, heater blowers/switches, radiators, thermostats, water pumps, main seals, clutches, master cylinders, and the list goes on. Having done all this crap myself, it's so nice to have something dependable for a change. The only downside I can think of is that owning a Chevy TB will not allow me to stay up-to-date on all the latest engine/car technology if I don't ever have to fix anything. Having been there and done that, I won't miss it. Oh yeah, I just remembered I had to replace the headlight bulbs once, and one rear break light bulb and front wipers. It's amazing to even talk about this stuff on something that has 122K miles on it. I should not have to say it, but it's a telling testiment as to the amazing reliability I've experienced. I think maybe GM is on to something with these automatice headlights, because I've heard the daylight running lights actually are set at reduced power. I never turn my lights on or off - it's all automatic, and they are always "on". Just like the leather, power, heated, memory seats, the keyless entry, automatic 4x4, On-Star, hands free phone, steering wheel stereo controls, and all the other nice features. I feel like I'm driving a luxury vehicle here and all I really wanted was a power sun roof. But I'm spoiled now and I love it. I'm forever a loyal Chevy customer now, or at least GM - unless the government screws them up of course. Car quality in general has never been nearly as good as it is nowadays.

    To be fair to Toyota because I know I ripped them a new one here, which they do deserve, I still have my old truck and it does still "run", sort of. It's only worth about $700 I'm told and I have well over $20K with the intial cost and all the repairs, so it's just not worth it for me to sell. It still runs okay because I replaced all the ignition parts last year - but I still have to fill the oil, fill the coolant, connect the battery (there's a mystery short somewhere even a pro can't find, that runs it down), fill the tires with air, plus other stuff just to take it out in my backyard to get wood. But it's cheaper than a John Deere Gator or some sort of RV thing - so it has some use in it still. I can't seem to stop it from leaking coolant. The radiator (not original) has just been rebuilt and I've replaced 3 separate hoses on it - one of them had to have the throttle body removed just so I could do this. It's got more fricken coolant hoses on it than a dog has fleas. I just hope the cylinder head has not gone bad again because the third time is the charm and I refuse to fix that problem again.
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    I know guys that are well on their way to 300K on their Trailblazers/Envoys. A few guys have lifted them up enough to run 35" tires on them and wheel them pretty hard and they keep on going.

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