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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by willbradfan, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. willbradfan

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    My birthday is coming up and I was looking at what I should get for myself for my birthday to get some more performance out of my suburban and the last time i asked someone on here they recommended getting long tube headers over shortys. Whats the best place to locate some long tube headers and do muffler shops usually charge quite a bit to rearrange your exhaust? I can't really think of what else to upgrade on my suburban other than the headers which are still stock. I know long tube headers stick out underneath the vehicle a little bit but i think i am okay since my suburban is higher up, it shouldn't be a problem whenever I drive through corn fields in nebraska i hope?

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    There are a couple of places to look at for Headers,Jegs,Summit Racing would be a good place to start.With the holiday coming up most of,if not all of the aftermarket sites will offer Deeper discounts and some of them offer free shipping.As far as cost with a muffler shop to do the work,call around and get some estimates,as each shop most likely have a different rate.And with the long tube you will have plenty of clearance.
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    I just priced a set of Dynatech long tube headers with all of the emissions crap hooked to it, and it was pretty damn pricey. But my local exhaust shop is going to charge $250 just to put these headers on, he said they are a real pain in the a$$ to get too. I would say that the clearance shouldn't be an issue, depending on how good the shop is that you go to.
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    ive got long tube tri y throley's i suggest spending the exta for ceramic coated ones so they dont rust or blue on ya in the future or you can do what i did and get the normal chrome and send em to www.jet-hot.com and have em coat them allows you more color and tempature options and such had shortys before didnt notice much gain till in the 3000 and up range in rpms was dissapointed in em
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    There is definitely some power to be had from the LT headers (shorties are essentially the same as stock, so best to save your money and go with LTs as you stated). I have the AEM LTs and am very happy with them.:great:
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    definately some long tubes
  8. grimreapersshadow

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  9. willbradfan

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    with the thorleys would I be able to install that by myself or would I need the help of a muffler shop to rearrange where my exhaust is underneath my suburban? Such as the catalytic converter and the muffler.
  10. vncj96

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    My question for anyone is, if you have the dual cat set up on a suburban how will long tube headers work without having to completly redo the intermediate pipe? It would seem to me that it wouldnt be worth the money and cost to get new cats and have all that piping custom bent and new clamps.

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