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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by sfdefender24, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. sfdefender24

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    I have always been one to support small businesses due to better customer service and usually the products are great. Well I have been looking for HIDs for the last couple month and I came across the company Longshot Lighting. I talked with a few guys i kno that recently bought products from them and heard nothing but great things about them. The pricing for 35w HID kits with the slim ballast are $60.00. But they are offering a 10-20% discount on there kits. They also offer LED light bars for various prices and have LED under body kits for any interested in those. So before you go out and buy the expensive kits from the big name companies, check them out. Great customer service and They do have a website you can look at and order from: http://www.longshotlighting.com/ and for anyone on facebook check out there page and add them as a friend: http://www.facebook.com/longshot.lighting.5

    Figured this would be some useful info for anyone looking for HID kits.
  2. sfdefender24

    sfdefender24 Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    I forgot to add when i posted this, that when i get back stateside next month I will be doing a review of there product on here. I will post some pictures of the set up that they sent me and how they look on my rig.
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    Nice to get someone near you that does solid work that you don't have to worry about.
  4. sfdefender24

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    So, I have had my Longshot lighting HIDs installed for about a week now and let me tell you, The make some quality products. I ordered 55w 6000k low beams and 35w 6000k fog lights from them and have absolutely not complaints about their products. They came were very easy to install(as most HID kits are) and they are very bright. For the price, they are a great company to check out if you're looking to light up the road that you travel at night. Hope this helps ya'll out.
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    Pics would be nice..

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