Lookin to upgrade the tunes any suggestions

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Pflor86, Feb 26, 2011.

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    i have an 08 1500 with just the standard stereo system.. i like to blast the tunes in the morning on the way to work, gets me all pumped up. but the stock system is just not loud enough. sooo i am looking to upgrade my speakers and possibly put in a small sub. i dont really want to change the deck because of the steering wheel controls and all the other crap involved... lookin for some suggestions from someone who knows there stuff. i plan on installing it all myself so nothing to serious... just not sure where the best place is to look.. any tips or words of wisdom would be appreciated
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    Where to start... Well I can tell you that I have been selling and desingning Award winning systems for over 20 years.. If you want it loud and clear An good amp and speakers will work fine with the factory radio Although an aftermarket radio with RCA's will sound better..

    The first thing I will tell you is to stay far away from Pioneer,Sony Speakers Too bright and hersh no midbass at all just tons of Harsh Highs..Unless you like ear bleeds...As for speakers If you like it loud and clean you can't beat Jl Audio or Focal.. Want to spend less Then look at The better end of Alpine or Boston.

    As for amps There are many but again Proven to me time and time again if installed right The JL Audio's have been bullit proof over and over again..
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    I was in the same boat with my 08 Silverado CC. I left the stock head unit/mids/highs/amp, disconnected the factory sub and added a JL Audio Stealthbox w/ 2 x 10W3V3s and a JL Audio G1700 Sub amp. This was perfect! The sound was amazing a low and high volumes. This was my 3rd set of JL subs and I've always been pleased. Don't settle for anything but quality.

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