Looking at buying an 04-06 2500HD diesel.. any tips?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by 1320ms, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. 1320ms

    1320ms New Member

    I'm looking to buy an 04-06 2500HD diesel, new to diesel's and GM, so wondering what to check specifically?

    I've got my eye on an 06 w/95k miles on it, one owner dealer maintained (shows in carfax), but the bad news about it is that there was either a 5th wheel or gooseneck in it. I've been told on diesel ford's to avoid anything thats had one of those.. not sure if that rule still applies for GM, but I'd assume so seeing how it means it was most likely pulling something pretty heavy.

    On top of that theres a loud droning noise coming from the passenger side front, which the dealer assured they'd fix, not sure what that could be.

    Any input, or anything else to look for? Oh and is a K&N intake a bad sign?

  2. ntbush83

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    First welcome to the club! Your looking at a great truck! Many people believe the 06 to be the best year for the duramax engine and I agree! As far as the truck having a gooseneck or 5th wheel thats really not that bad of a sign. The best way to tell if the truck has been worked hard is what kind of visual condition is it in? is it one of those trucks you look at and say "wow thats a clean truck." If so then you'll be just fine. Thats what those trucks were meant for! As far a the intake just look at it as a free $400! If it had a programmer that'd be different but as far as intake thats a good thing!
  3. 1320ms

    1320ms New Member

    Thanks for the response, What kind of maintenance do these things require? Never owned a diesel, and this truck will see less than 1000 miles a month on it if even that much. I'd stick with gas, but my racing has been picking up and my F150 just cant pull the large enclosed trailer I'm looking at.

    One of the issues I have with it though is that since it had the 5th wheel in the bed, there are now 4 holes straight through the bed, and a trailer electrical hookup in the bed, I suppose thats more bargaining room with the dealer though. Both inside and out it looks really clean, carfax does show an accident on the front drivers side about a month before it was traded in, although I see absolutely no evidence of it (no tool marks on fender bolts, headlights have the same wear and markings, etc etc), so I assume whatever it was it didnt damage the truck. All in all it looks pretty good for being 4 years old.

    The dealer does have the name of the previous owner and I'm waiting to hear back on if they can get permission from me to contact him.

    Would an oil analysis be worth anything? Is that something I can get the dealer to do?

    Are all 2500 diesel from 03+ come with an Allison trans? Is there a 6spd auto in any years? Any years better than others? Any reason the 06 motor is considered better?

    A friend has an 07 classic (just a leftover 06) that has Allison trans badges on the doors, but the 06 I'm looking at does not have these.. any reason or difference?

    Any other common issues to look for? I do recall when looking at the engine the piping on the turbo had a nice oil buildup on it up top
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  4. ntbush83

    ntbush83 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I'm not sure on the oil analysis, never had one done myself.

    As far a the 06 motor they had more horsepower and they fixed all the injector issues that they had in the previous years.

    I would assume it has the Allison and if it does thats an even more reason to buy it! The dealer should be able to tell you if it has the Allison because it'll have the the code for it in the glove box.

    Oil going through a turbo is a bad bad thing. Since you've seen that I would try and get a local mechanic you trust to look at it. It could be nothing or it could mean oil has went through the turbo and ruined it and you'd be looking at big bucks. I don't know why a diesel with only 95,000 miles would have that problem though.

    As far as maintence its not a whole lot different. Oil changes and service is a little more expensive but you don't have to change it as much because diesels are naturally lubricated better. Other than that its just like servicing and other truck minus the spark plugs. Also fuel filters are important to change frequently on diesels.
  5. 1320ms

    1320ms New Member

    I do a good bit of work on turbo cars, so I'm familiar with the oil meaning wear.. I'll definitely have to check into that closer, the truck drove great, and had plenty of power.. only issue from driving it again was a droning noise at 45-55mph on the passender side front
  6. webf2010

    webf2010 New Member

    You may have to check the below things
    2003 2500 silverado HD
    leveling kit 33'' fierce attitudes on ion alloys
    Full custom exhuast
    towing mirrors
    5% tint all the way around
    train horns, PA system,
    2000W alpine hooked to 12'' pioneer premier, custom sealed box
    JL 6 1/2's + pioneer 4x6's rewired to kicker 4 channel
    Pioneer 4100 DVD Touchscreen
    Diablosport predator programmer
    Extang solidfold trifold
    Tinted brake lights
    Flip-up ball hitch for gooseneck

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