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  1. 2005 single cab silverado i have enough room for just about any sound system 12'' or 10'' preferably and JL audio but something under $200 it doesnt matter if there from walmart but i just dont really know what to get, either 2 subs and two amps or 1 amp and one big sub, or what watt amp i just need something to make my mirrors shake :) any help of what i should get?
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    check craigs list or ebay if all you want to spend is 200. you will find something used that will make your mirrors shake. but if you want a good system your gonna have to spend a little bit more than that.. i would get a rockford fosgate t1000 amp which will mount right to the back of your seat. and hook it up to a RF t112d2 which will for sure make everything shake in your truck.. ive got a custom box being built to the size of my truck, spcific speaker and amp.. the setup i have now is pretty much knock off items.. audiopipe 12" 1400w max 750rms to a 1200W sony xplod amp..run at 1 ohm for 1000w to the sub.. it makes quite a bit shake including my mirrors on my 4 door silvy. i'll sell it to u 150 and u pay shipping. the box may be a little big for what u want but it will make a nice armrest lol pm me if interested names arent always everything. i had the jl audio stealthbox with two 10s behind my back seat... HORRIBLE. the only thing i will buy from jl would be a w7 or their amps. my back seat wouldnt go all the way back and it sounded as if the recommended amp was only pushing my door speakers which were hitting harder than the 10s

    my next setup is a digital designs 2512 with a directed 2400W amp.

    which im sure will be way louder than what ive got now. check youtube and stuff like that do your research, dont just pay for names, actually read and understand the specs that the subs and amp have to offer. for your truck all you need is one sub and one amp. you have a smaller cab space than i do so it will be way easier for you to make something small seem like something oud. i saw a video of a setup, including custom box, made for a single cab ford ranger with 2 digital designs 8" subs.it was making the windshield and back window quake, as well as everything else inside the cab. take your time and look around. wby the time you find something youll know it was well worth the wait. ive been researching and looking around since summer started. and i probly wont have evrrything until october or so. check out pwkdesigns.com he builds custom boxes to your needs. he'll design the blueprints for $50 and you can have a friend or shop build your box. good luck and let us know how it goes!!
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    check crutchfield on the audio deals tab, I got 2 10" MTX and a sealed box for 110 shipped six months ago
  4. AWSOME thanks guys

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