Looking for a harness for off road lights.

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by Jimmeh, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Jimmeh

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    So I got a free set of some off road Sylvania square lights to mount on the truck, but I am having a hard time finding a wiring kit or harness for it. It didn't come with one, and I want to run a toggle switch similar to this (<~~click!) one. Can I get any wiring kit to work with them, or do I need a specific one? There is only one wire coming off of each of the lights, so I assume the wiring kit will have to have a separate ground.
  2. SurrealOne

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    Every 12v bulb socket that I know if needs current to flow in order for the bulb to function. Electron flow is from negative to positive ... and that can't happen with only one wire ... as there's no loop to facilitate the flow of current. Is there, perhaps, a connector on the lights for a negative wire? If not, then are these lights grounded through the mount point of the housing? Either would make sense to me, with the latter being highly probable, as such lights are usually mounted on light bar mounts that tie into the frame, somewhere (example: front tow hook bolts).

    If there's no negative connection you can manually check to see if the housing is used for the negative connection by disassembling the light (if necessary) and looking to see if there's a wire or piece of metal coming from the bulb socket location to the housing, itself. The connection has to be made some way, somehow.

    If the mount point is used for the negative connection then you need to mount the light using a conductive metal (make sure it's not painted where your connection is made) and not plastic. (Duh!)
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  3. Jimmeh

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    Get to do this again today: DERP! Looked at the lights a little closer. Sure enough, ground goes to the mount. So, will be good on that score. Thanks for the help Surreal. So does that mean I can just run a power to the lights from the switch, or will I have to ground my switch to the lights as well?
  4. SurrealOne

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    12v+ into switch from vehicle. Switched 12v+ out of switch to lights. Negative out of switch to chassis/ground.

    Lights mounted to conductive material/mount. Conductive material/mount mounted to chassis/ground. (This means chassis/ground forms your negative connection to from the switch to the lights ... as it's what completes the loop.)
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  5. reggiecab2000

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    its not too hard to make your own harness, but IF your willing to put extra money for a prewired harness then
    check this out for $50.00
    hella always seems to have some decent quality stuff.
    however if you do it yourself you can definitely do it for less than $10.00

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