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    Hello All,
    New to the forum...I have a 2001 Suburban 2500 4WD...with barn doors. It has 130K miles on it...looks like it was used as a foreman's truck in construction...I'm the 3rd owner, 2nd owner bought it with 80K miles on it...and he used it primarily for towing snowmobiles and a boat seasonally.

    What I would like to do is refurbish the interior and exterior of this truck. Mechanically everything under the hood is amazing, body wise it's Fair to Good...what I'm looking for is a place that does SUV customs...who can help me do the work I'm looking to get completed. I can do a few basic things, but I don't have tools or a place to do this otherwise, and would rather pay someone who has a good reputation to do the work.

    Any suggestions?


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    Should have mentioned...I'm looking in the Midwest area...so IL, WI, MN, IN, and even MO if there's something there...

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    any luck finding a place? What kind of custom work are you looking to get done?

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