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    Then you may want to take a look at the following Web Site...

    Injen - Power Flow

    Ten years in the making, we engineered an air intake system that is second to none. With extensive Research & Development, the Power-Flow series was released to the highly anticipated Truck Market. All Truck applications are designed with our patent pending MR Technology Tuning Process for maximum gains and a safe air/fuel ratio. One feature that makes the Power-Flow series stand out can be seen in the development of the Power Box. The unique design allows us to optimize every aspect of airflow. From the Cold Air Inducer to the Stainless Steel Pre-Screens- to the Velocity Stack and much more is offered only on the Power-Flow Series. Our Truck applications are made specifically for the vehicle and may or may not use the Power Box due to space constraints. Certain truck applications will utilize the Injen Power Shield. More Power, More Torque, NO FEAR! Equipped with AMSOIL Nano-Fiber filtration Technology!

    And Remember!!! Preferred Customers always pay up to 25% Less than Retail so keep that in mind when you get the sticker shock looking at these systems.

    CLICK HERE for product look up

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    Scott Douglass
    Contact me.
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    Injen is good stuff. I've had their intakes on a couple of cars in the past and never regretted it. :great:
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    Preferred Customers Save Up To 25% Across The Board On ALL Amsoil Products.

    Here is the link on the AMSOIL site:

    INJEN/AMSOIL Air Intake Systems

    Diesel & Gasoline intakes available

    Contact me for GMTC pricing

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    Injen, Second to none!

    Give me a call for GMTC pricing on Injen intake systems. I am not allowed to post below retail pricing on these units.

    Or post the specifications of your vehicle and I will PM you a price ASAP.
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    Injen/AMSOIL partnership

    During the 2007 SEMA show an official announcement was made launching the Co/Branded Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Diesel air intake systems.
    Injen Technology and AMSOIL Inc. officially signed an agreement to cooperatively brand an all new diesel air intake system. Both Injen Technology and AMSOIL are established leaders within the performance industry and are known for innovation, quality and high performance products. These two highly acclaimed and successful companies came together and Co/Branded an advanced line of performance air intake systems called Diesel Power-Flow.
    Representatives from both Injen and AMSOIL announced during the SEMA show, that the Power-Flow system is the only air intake system that incorporates an all new patent pending Injen Variable Induction Technology and an AMSOIL dry media Ea Nano-Fiber absolute efficiency air filter
    Some of the top features and benefits will include:
    Vi Technology (variable induction) will provide additional airflow and power on demand based upon the draw of the engine. There are four internal and totally independent valves designed to open and allow more air for those crucial moments when that extra power is required; passing, towing, climbing hills or track and off road racing.
    AMSOIL Ea Nano-Fiber absolute efficiency custom designed air filter will filter out the finer dirt and dust particles up to 99.53% efficiency. For Diesel engines the Ea –filter removes 5 times more dust then traditional (paper) filter media and 50 times more dust then a wet gauze air filter. Injen Dyno tests show equivalent gains in horse power and torque. Incorporating the dry media allows for a simple cleaning by using a standard shop Vac.
    Stainless steel pre-filters which will deflect the larger dirt particles commonly associated with immediate loss of air flow and power.
    For added styling, proper air flow and that macho look, an all cast aluminum tube is included
    You can anticipate seeing significant Co/Branding efforts to launch this powerful partnership in a wide variety of media and marketing materials along with a significant amount of race events, trade and consumer shows. The Injen/AMSOIL Diesel Power-Flow air intake systems will be available through all AMSOIL Dealers, most major automotive aftermarket retailers and wholesale distributors.
    Injen/AMSOIL; The beginning of a New Era!

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