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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 89steveo50, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. 89steveo50

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    I got the stock speakers on my 02 sierra SLE and my speakers are kinda going out. I am looking for better performance speakers that really make a difference in the base and overall quality. Im looking for speakers that add bass with out having to buy a seperate bass itself. My sister has a pontaic g6 (2007) and the speakers and bass are incredible and they're stock as well.

    I do know that it is best to buy speakers with the same brand as the head unit. I Current have a JVC stereo but plan on upgrading it to a higher quality. So with that being said. For those who know alot about speakers and qulaity, which brand or type do you recommend. Price is not quite an issue at the moment.

  2. Mikeyk09

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    If you really want better bass ur best bet is to get subs&amp. If you didn't want todo that, upgrading ur headunit and speakers will give you more sound volume & quality, but you wont get the deep pounding bass u get with subs. The next best option IMO would be to get an amp still and get component speakers. component speakers are little more expensive than regular speakers, but nice ones will get you a better deep base sound. the nice thing about component speakers is they can replace your factory door speakers. As far as brands go. most brands you've heard of are going to have higher quality units and lower quality units as well. its not always about price point. Take a look on cruthfield.com u can put in your vehicle and determine what products will fit. but more importantly, you can compare the important settings of different speakers and headunits. use this to determine the optimal price/power output you can put in your truck. for me, I've used JVC, Alpine, Memphis, bose, & a few others in different cars/boats/houses. I like the JVC's user friendliness of their units, just put in a JVC KW-AV61BT in my truck, and I figure out how that thing worked quicker than another other headunit ive used.
  3. 89steveo50

    89steveo50 Rockstar

    Alrighty ill look into that. yea im not looking to have the bass so loud where the next 4 cars can feel it in their car. I don't want that. I just want it to be a nice solid low bass sound where you can feel it and hear it. but thank you for information.
  4. vncj96

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    Boston Acoustics makes some great speakers, I have spent A LOT of &&&& on stereos over the years and these are the best I have ever had. I have had Infinite, JLs..... While I spent quite a bit on these speakers they were worth the money. I have had them for 7 years now and still no distortion. I used to have a sub and amp but once the kids came along it was time to get rid of them. Now when the kids aren't with, I cant say I wish I still had my sub, I may not have them big ground pounding, mirror shaking bass, but these are a good solid bass even when listening to some of the really low bass that the Beastie Boys use. Bostons are where my money goes!!
  5. I have a 02 chevy ext cab that I just got and I also need to replace the speakers in I noticed that the front doors are set up for mids and tweets or component speakers any way I have are looked in to the back yet.
  6. KyleZ71

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    I put sony xplode speakers in the front and rear of my truck to replace the factory units. Much better sound IMO
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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    Your JVC is only putting out about 14-18 Watts RMS Any good aftermarket speaker wants about 30+ watts to reproduce a good Midbass They might sound louder but you are not getting a true sound.. BUT if you do not want to Get a small 4 Ch amp to help then the only speakers I would recommend would be the JL Audio TR series or the Focal Acces Both have a nice full sound with out the power..PLEASE Stay away from Pioneer, Sony and the cheaper Best Buy Crap unless you like ear Bleeds..
  8. darnie1987

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    if your looking for a good set up for a decent price id look into audio que speakers, im running there tweeters and subs and there nice. ive gone threw 3 sets of kickers and these are 1/2 the price hit harder and sound alot clearer. as for the tweeters there just as good as my alpine type-s component set i have. and 1/5 the price.

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