Looking for help with swapping out engine/trans from one Sub to another

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    I'm not sure where to put this, so hopefully it's ok to put it here!

    We're located in Mid-Michigan.

    We have 2 Suburbans - a 1993 2500 Silverado with the 454 motor and a 1994 2500 Silverado with the same.

    What we're looking for is someone who may be interested in a type of trade: truck for labor.

    The engine in the 1994 needs to be rebuilt. The transmission was fine, when we were driving it. We would like to have the engine/transmission from the 1993 put into the 1994.

    Here's my proposal: If someone is capable of swapping out the eng/trans from the 1993 to the 1994, we would consider giving the 1993 body & the 1994 motor & trans to that person in trade for their labor. The 1993 body is in fairly good condition for the year & the fact it's been in Michigan it's entire life!

    We would need to have an agreement on how long the work would take, as we haul a lot during the summer & would need the truck back within a specified amount of time.

    If this is something you are capable of doing & are interested, please contact Steve via email: k_burkhart@earthlink.net or call 517 589-8192


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