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  1. I have a 2009 Chevrolet silverado 1500 crew cab, I've looked at diablosport(and from what I've read everyone is loving diablo), hypertech, and superchips. I'd like one that adds power as well but right now, as a poor working college student, I'm more concerned about better city mpg.
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    Just today I got a e-mail from Diablo's news letter talking about Diablo's helping fuel mileage on both gas and deisels. They said as most of us with Diablo's know that if you keep your foot out of it (its hard with the extra power avaible) you will see a mpg increase. Go with the Diablo, it has more tuning options than the Hypertech and Superchip. The Diablo lets you adjust the trucks LongTermFuelTrims (LTFT's) which helps with mpg's, power and throttle response.
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    There is a tiny chance that the aftermarket can out program a cars computer in respect to MPG, but I can't see them actually beating the OEM engineers by much.
    However, that are some very effective simple FE techniques for city driving.
    Pulse and Gliding works great with GM trucks.
    My 1998 Suburban gets 15-18 mpg in pure city driving- rated EPA 12 CITY.
    CLEANMPG IS a forum devoted to getting us off foreign energy sources.They are friendly to all comers-run what you brung attitude- not just Prius owners, and not just liberal types. Pretty middle America really.
    Pulse and gliding means pulsing up to about 37 mph(speed limit 35 means lifting off gas at 35 brings you to 37mph) then completely lifting off the gas and gliding down to about 28 mph then repeating. One cycle is about 1/4 mile-roughly distance between stops in cities.
    Our ATs 4L60E in my case don't require you shift into N.They glide in D just as if they are in N AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN TOP GEAR.
    Don't accelerate like you have an egg under the pedal-accelerate normally-.take maybe 7-8 seconds to get to 35 mph(don't get on it like a drag racer either(3 seconds )-no WOT aceleration no Granny accleleration either-ACCEL NORMALLY.
  4. Alright. I'll try that technique and see what I can get out of my truck. Adding weight to my truck(grille guards, bumpers, lights, wheels, rims, racks, etc.) hurts fuel mileage right? So a tuner wouldreallt be in handy then right?

    Diablo or trinity?
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    Like Caddiac says- SBC can get pretty good city mpg.
    You 5.3 is a good 2 mpg better than our 5.7's in city driving and a good 3 mpg better hy.
    Keep your speed reasonable on the hy(under 70 mph) and keep your foot off the BRAKE pedal IN CITY DRIVING.
    In city driving Get up to the speed limit( or maybe 2 mph above) then LIFT OFF THE GAS- no gas no brake- just glide until you bleed off about 9 mph( from 37 mph down to 28 mph)- you will travel about 1/4 mile per P&G cycle.
    Anticipate stops and get off the gas early. Learn your red lights so you know to lift and glide or add a little gas/speed.
    Just P&G will add about 15%-20% to city mpg(1.5-3 mpg).
    You truck will take about 3 seconds to lose about 1 mph in the 38- 28 mph range- maybe 25 seconds from 37- 28 mph.
  6. About 15-16 mpg in the city, and about 17-19 hwy. Currently anyway, I think I'll get better with this info. Thanks fellas.
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