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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Dezzmo, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Dezzmo

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    Does anyone know where I can find a source (website,catalog,etc..) that will let me compare Chevy OEM part numbers from one GM vehicle to another?

    The reason I'm asking is that I want to see what suspension components on my Express Van are compatible with say, a Suburban, Silverado and so forth. For instance, if my front coil springs have the same OEM part number with the springs on a Suburban then I can use DJM 2" Lowering Springs on my Van.

    There are absolutely no performance upgrades for my vehicle so I have to do some creative thinking to get the job done. If anybody here can point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated:great:
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    If you can't find anything online without having to pay for it, Advance or Autozone either one can help make those comparisons for you right there at the counter. the only time i have seen them get aggrivated about doing so is when there are other customers in the store. they are a very useful resource and the guys here in the town i live in know when they see me coming things could get difficult if they get busy while i am in there.

    Just to be nice to them if it's busy when I go in I do a little bit of browsing around the store a little bit and wait for things to die down a bit before going them up and running them through a thousand part comparisons. I also usually take a little notepad or my PDA phone in with me and type in part numbers, prices and lables as they bring them up. That way when they come up with the cross reference part I can show them right away if it's the same or not, usually before they can. Helps things move a litle faster.
  4. Dezzmo

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    Great advise guys:great:

    I'll check out the Hollanderinterchange and see what I can find.

    And I wonder if the Autozone website will also allow me to compare OEM parts online?

    I'll check into that also.

    Thanks again for your help:cool:
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  6. Dezzmo

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    OEM Chevy Parts

    Hi Scott,

    I have that link bookmarked and you can find every part available but they do not show any part numbers. I went though the ordering process (add to cart) to see if a part # appeared but it never happened.

    Am I doing something wrong and not seeing it?

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    You're right. Off the top of my head, I thought it showed the p/n. I do know that if you send an email to their customer service with an explanation of what you want, they'll email you back the p/n's they find.
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    no their site doesn't do that as far as i am aware. for all i know they only give you one maybe two prices per item. you'd still have to go into the store to get the comparison
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    I have a friend who owns a body shop and he has catalogs of nearly every make and model that he uses to find part numbers. I'm sure he gets new editions from time to time so maybe I'll stop by and see if he has an old one for GM models that he can part with.

    It's worth a shot:glasses:
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    You are welcome!

    I found them kinda late in the game and dont mean to pimp them but they have had better prices for better parts than I can get locally most of the time. I got a factory water pump for less than a rebuilt one from autozone.

    You mention shocks Autozone has Bilstein for pretty good prices go figure LOL

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