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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Rockie89, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Rockie89

    Rockie89 New Member

    I have an '03 Silverado with Quadrasteer and was told theres a website kinda like this one. Anybody know anything about it?
  2. moosetags

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    Quadrasteer Club

    Several years ago the was an online Quadrasteer Club at quadrasteerclub.com. I was active on that site for a couple of years. About a year it dropped off the radar. When GM discontinued the Quadrasteer in 2006 (a really big mistake in my opinion), interest waned, and the club went away.

  3. 2003 GMC Denali

    2003 GMC Denali New Member

    Are you aware that there is a Site called DENALITRUCKS(dot)COM... and we cater to vehicles with Quadrasteer, because for a few Years, it was the only way you could buy a Sierra Denali. Check it out... I'm an Administrator on there.

    Here's my Truck...



  4. stash721

    stash721 New Member

    Looking into purchasing a 2002 Sierra Denali Quadrasteer with 70k on it. Havent found much info on problems with these trucks? Was worried about getting replacement parts if something does go wrong. Any reasons i should stay away? Anybody had any major issues getting repairs for the quadrasteer or the all wheel drive system?
  5. Rockie89

    Rockie89 New Member

    Thanks for the website info. I'll check it out. I love my quadrasteer and can't imagine life without it now. Your truck is beautiful!

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    I recently had to have a seal put in mine for the quadrasteer. The dealership had to order the part but price was ok. The guy I talked to said in the 2 years he's been there he's never worked on a quadrasteer. I have never had any trouble with mine but I have had people tell me they have heard of problems with them. Mine has 170,000 miles on it now and other than this seal I've never had to do anything but regular maintenance on it. I would suggest regular tire rotation though because it does change the tire wear if you use the quadrasteer much. I keep mine on all the time unless driving on really slick roads. I'd say buy it I think you'll enjoy it!

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