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  1. I was just curious of some fairly easy and cheap upgrades i could do to improve fuel efficiency and power. I know in the diesel world chips make a huge difference. I know that they make them for gas engines but i do not know anyone who has had or tested them on gas engines. What are some of your guys opinions on chips. I have also considered MPFI t spacers because they are supposed to give you a better fuel air mix for better efficiency while giving you little bit more power. I have a 1999 k1500 with a 5.7 and any help would be appreciated.

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    my next question would be is a vortec 350 considered a Multi port fuel injection system or a Central SFI system.
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    Tuners can help some but very little. The spacers for the throttle body.......USELESS as **** on a boar hog! Go with a K&N air filter (keep it clean), dual exhaust to let it breath, and believe it or not.......keep the rpm's below 2000 and it actually does save gas. I tried it with mine for one week and the next drove like I didnt care. It actually worked!
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    lies and slander!!!
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    Yikes!! everyone gets wet in a peeing contest.

    Logic would dictate that being easy on the gas (staying under 2k rpm) far outweighs ANY mods for conserving fuel.

    For the most part, a properly maintained stock system is your best bang for the buck unless you are trying to go faster, tow more, or sound ferocious.

    At least in my experiance of over 50yrs of wrenching (with my share of modifying)

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    I have a 2000 classic OBS and its a k2500 crew cab 4wd and i get average 15-16 highway and about 11 in town. A good intake and a good flowing exhaust would be your best bet and still your only in it $800 or so depending on how much exhaust is.

    Mine is true dual to the muffler and the single out one side. It's 3 1/2'' down pipe back into a 5'' tip and i picked up a good 2-3mpg. And it has been shown that fuel mileage can be improved by 20-30% just on your driving habits. So a light foot will help. If i don't care when i drive in town i get about 7-9mpg or nice i get 11

    That's what mine looks like out the back
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I do know that staying off of it or being easy and not hot rodding all the time conserves gas mileage. I was just looking at doing things that will boost it just a little bit to help out any. I do plan on putting on dual exhaust i am just saving up and deciding exactly how i want to do it. The next question is......everyone says run an intake but i do not see the since in running an aftermarket "cold air intake" when it is open in the engine compartment and the stock one runs into the fender. The air there has to be little bit cooler. or do i just need to run like a K&N air filter in my stock intake? I had an aftermarket intake on my 1997 Tahoe and it did not seem to make any difference.
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    Your still going to get a higher volume of air into the motor. And you have an intake and no free flowing exhaust the the intake is pointless. So good intake and open exhaust will be your best bet
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    Easy guys, we're all here for fun and comraderie. [MENTION=54298]catmechanic07[/MENTION] mistook your jest as serious [MENTION=52338]4x4squared[/MENTION] ... and responded in kind. To those of us who know you, here, it's obvious you meant no harm. Catmechanic07 is new, so he did what most would do ... read your text as serious and responded in hurt fashion. Instead of escalating with him try to see it for what it is ... and perhaps de-escalate it rather than throwing gas on the fire?

    The better CAI's for our trucks replace the stock box and draw from the fender, beneath the air box, or via an optional scoop behind the grill (which can be ducted somewhere if you're into that).
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    Play nice.....:sign0197:

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    I say for gas there is three things you could do. Exhuast, intake, and tuner. For what I gather that is the only cheap mods you can do that will get you a little better mpg. Key words 'a little'. Out side of that your going to get in your pockets.

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