* Looking for somebody that is buying a new GM vehicle by the end of February ($ave):

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  1. PATahoeguy

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    Hi ...
    I'm looking for somebody that is going to buy a new GM vehicle this February.
    I have a GM Business Card, and have received a 1,000 Bonus Earnings reward points offer. I've used these before, and I've double-checked with the card's cust. service --- & it is fine to put somebody else on the card temporarily.
    I have about $1,350 points on card to use. So, I'd essentially sell you those 1,350 points for somewhere around say $995. (So it'd just like your getting about $350 off of your car). The car is your name and everything is ok, then I take you off the card.
    * This offer expires February 28, 2013...so I'd have to do this within the next weeks.
    So, if anybody on here, or anybody you know (relative, close friend, co-worker) is looking to purchase a new GM vehicle this month, let me know. We can help each other out. I can get rid of these points, and you can save a few hundred dollars at the same time.

    gm offer.jpg
  2. PATahoeguy

    PATahoeguy New Member

    *** REDUCED: I need to get rid of these rewards points by Feb. 28th. I will sell the $1350 points for $750...so that's $600 FREE dollars! off of your vehicle purchase. Please reply if interested. thanks!

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