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  1. IWannaGoFishin

    IWannaGoFishin New Member

    Hello Sub Folks,

    I'm looking to purchase an 03 - 06 Suburban or Yukon XL. And I've done quite a bit of internet research One thing that I know I don't want is Auto Ride Suspension. Too many problems, and too expensive to repair.

    My question. Was this an option for all Suburbans? LS? LT? 4WD? Z71? I seem to be finding it most often on 4WD models. I know how to spot this option when I'm at the truck. I'm just trying to narrow my search options.

    Love the site. I'm learning a lot.


  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    First off Welcome.... Yes it is just an Opt, You should look for a Z71 they are nicely Optioned out and a good Sub...Where are you? What are you looking for in a truck? Check Craigslist for local trucks..
  3. IWannaGoFishin

    IWannaGoFishin New Member

    Thanks Enkei,

    Yeah, the Z71s are nice. Don't really need the 4WD, but I'm not opposed to it either. Mainly looking for clean, well cared for, low mileage. In the Dallas area. And yes, watching Craigslist a lot.

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