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    I live in Iowa and I would like to build a winter rim and tire set-up. I am looking for a fairly cheap set of rims to begin with. In my searching I have come accross several good deals on Nissan Titan/Armada rims that are 6 on 5.5 or 139.7 whichever you prefer.
    I have done some research on the 18" alloy rims and I have only managed to become more confused. I have heard that nissan rims installed on a chevy WILL fit but chevy to nissan must be bored out. Guess what I have also read the exact opposite!
    Most of the posts I have read refer to the older body styles of chevy trucks. Does anyone know If I will have to bore a set of 18" nissan rims in order to make them fit on my 4x4 NBS?

    Thanks everyone:neutral:
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    I'm sure the boring out only refers to OEM to OEM... i'm sure after market rims should fit just fine... if I were you i would get (and I assume you have 20's on there now) 18" versions of your 20's and the same tire(adjusted size for 18's of course...)... your truck can look the same in the winter as it would in the summer...
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    I had thought about that. The price on the oem nissan's is really good tho. We're talking 250-300$. They really don't look bad for a 4 mo/year rim.
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    ProComp makes steel wheels that work great for a winter wheel and tire package, depending on size the price is as low as $50 a wheel.
    Steel wheels are great for harsh conditions because if they start to corrode you can wire wheel or sandblast the corroded area then repaint.
    And even though they may not look as stylish as aluminium wheels if the conditions are as bad as you think they will be you wont see them anyways, they'll be covered in grime and slush.
    Look at 4wheelparts.com for size and pricing.
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    Thanks for the tip

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