Looking for Wiring Diagrams - 82 GMC 1500

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Arkadios, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Arkadios

    Arkadios New Member

    I've recently taken the cab from a 1982, 2wd 6.2 diesel K1500 pickup, and dropped it on the frame of my 1976, 2wd K2500.
    The 76 is running a vortec 350, so there is essentially no wiring to the engine, and I've kept the original harness on the 76.

    The fuse block in the 82 is different than the 76, using the blade fuses rather than the glass ones.
    I am unsure what major differences there are, but the harness hookup to the cab has proved not to be a simple plug in and go. ( A man can hope. )

    I've got my ignition switch wired. I've yet to wire up the 'Park brake' switch which remains from the auto, but I am only looking to get my accessories functioning at the moment, not trying to make the engine crank.

    I have power up to the ignition switch, and some wires becoming live when I turn the key, but I cannot tell what is what thanks to the abundance of sheathing over all the wires. Nothing is coming alive. I have no interior lights, headlights, signals, tail lights, radio, etc .

    If anybody could help me find some wiring diagrams for both the 76 and 82 GMC/Chevy trucks, I would Greatly appreciate it. This would be a walk in the park if I knew what wires I was looking at.


    Edit: Found some diagrams at the autozone site.
    Had to register to get to them though, :/
    So as to avoid making this thread completely useless, I will attach them in case anybody else might need them.
    They are fairly crude, but suffice for my own needs. 82.jpg 82-2.jpg
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  2. pondfishr

    pondfishr Member

    See if you can locate a c/k truck service manual for your year and model truck.
  3. Arkadios

    Arkadios New Member

    I probably could. That never popped into my mind at the time. :)

    For anybody who needs to know, using the older harness on the new fuse block from the 6.2, a wire needs to be added to the harness to power the light switch. It's not on the same pin.
    The location for the pin is the top right of the plug on the wiring harness when looking at the pins. It would be the top left if your looking at the plug on the firewall. After finding this out and running a wire, nearly all of my problems were solved. ;)

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