Looking to add cheap power to my '03 Suburban 5.3L 1500 LT.....

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  1. jchyde7

    jchyde7 New Member

    hi all! i am looking to add cheap power to my 2003 Chevy Suburban 1500LT 5.3L "heavy half" with tow package and locking rear diff. I dont have a ton of money to spend, but i am really maxing out the towing capacity with my families travel trailer. what does everyone think the best and keast expensive route is? tuning, exhaust, intake, ignition, turbo? Let me know what y'all think. thanks!
  2. slammed95burban

    slammed95burban New Member

    I would get a cold air intake and then a tune. They come so restricted factory a small tune does wonders.
  3. saguaro

    saguaro New Member

    99% of my towing is below 3000 rpm. Cold air intake (to lower restriction) doesn't do much at lower RPM. If you do exhaust, keep in mind GM truck (and likely SUV) exhaust is tuned. The pipe size and average distance from the exhaust valve to the muffler intake is important along with the 'reflector' at the muffler to reflect the sonic wave from combustion. Result is the exhaust is 'scavenged' and tuned for lower RPM where we drive and tow most. Installing a straight through muffler eliminates the tune and lowers bottom end power and MPG. Been there. If you go straight muffler, you have to program the computer, but you still won't have the 'scavenge' effect. I'm looking for a low restriction muffler with a 'reflector' to lower back pressure and keep the 'scavenge'. Haven't found it yet.
  4. Exhaust, Intake, Intake mani, bigger injectors, high flow fuel pump and dual map tune 93 and E85. Later on when you have $$$ Cam, Turbo, Menthol injection kit and list goes on!!!!

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