looking to buy 99 sub. what to expect???

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    I'm looking into purchasing a 99 chev sub with 120,000 miles. My question is what can I expect to replace or what should be replaced with this truck. Should something been replace 20,000 or 30,000 miles ago for routine mx? What should I get looked at now?

    my other chev truck I had was a 93 and it run great! i had it from 75K miles to 130K. Only thing I replaced was some steering components, shocks, and a starter.

    Now this one already has high miles and I want to do preventative mx so i don't destroy it and have to spend big $$ later down the road.
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    purchase 99 sub

    Hello. Check the intake mamifold gasket. Chronic problem with the vortec V8. Check brake rotors in front and drumbs in back and brake pads. Another annoying problem I've been having is the Windsheild wipers intermittently function non function. Your shocks are probaly in need of replacement if they are the originals. It will be due for new tires soon. That is what is been happening with my 99 suburban.
    Yours truely,

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    The 1st item I would be looking for is maintenance Records.That way you can see what has or has not been Serviced.If you don't have records.I would look at do the following,
    Change the fluids,Oil,Trans,Coolant
    Change the Filters,Air and Oil,Trans
    Plug's and wires,
    Check Hose's Heater,Radiator
    Check the Brakes,Pads and rotors,or drums
    Check lights,Head,Tails,Interior lights
    Check out the exhaust,for leaks see if muffler needs to be Replaced

    Also look for leaks,in Oil Pan,Trans,Rear Diff,Coolant,Brake Lines.
  4. jetjarv

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    thanks, sounds like nothing tooo costly will be commin up. I've dont shocks and exhaust. I don't like like taking a wrench to the engine.

    I had a 93 silverado. the airleaks around the doors were so loud i couldn't stand it. i was driving through ND with gusty winds and it drove me crazy. it was noticible that the doors were sagging a little. I had some new bushings (?) in the doors replaced, then they didn't droop. Air noise not fixed, so I took it to the chev garage and the body shop "expert" grabbed the top on the door with his hands and put his feet on the bottom and torqued the door so the top seated against the gasket firm. Air noise gone! Most road noise gone too. now i could listen to mytunes on my 5 hour drive across the state.

    any problems like that on these classic style subs or pickups?

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