Looking to buy tires for your Chevy Truck?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Pete95Sierra, Jun 21, 2009.

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    You have no idea how long ive been looking for this information provided by this site. Thanks man :great:
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    cheaper then regular discount tire
  4. kline017

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    i have a 06 gmc 2500. will 16 by 8 rims with an offset of -12 fit with 265 tires ??
  5. cooper

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    i have a 2005 chevy silverado 1500 2 wheel drive. What could i put on here to make this cool? pictures would also be great.
  6. Pete95Sierra

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    You may want to be more specific as a lot of add ons are what you like. Do a search, there are a bajillion pics on this site, i'm sure you will find somethink you like :)
  7. chucktruck28

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    Tire size

    I've got a stock '08 silverado Z71 4x4 with wrangler 265/70/17 om it . Will 275/70/18 fit this with a 2 inch leveling kit? Do I even need the leveling kit? Let me know. Thanks.


    excellent link brother thanks much
  9. mudislife2

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    tireseasy.com has some good prices on tires. My 305 70 17's were 169 each they are remington mud brutes.
  10. fightintwenties

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    I have a 98 silverado. currently riding on 285/75/16 bfg m/t's. looking for a good a/t, live in wisconsin so snow is a factor. not sure if i want to stay with bfg's. i do mostly road driving but i love slinging some mud once in awhile. Any suggestions?

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