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    Hey guys. New to the forums here but a longtime Chevy fan. Looking to get a Chevy soon and have a few questions. The last Chevy i owned was a 98 Z71. Loved it but it had the 5.7 and i'm looking to get a later model (2001-2005 range) and i know they changed to the 5.3. I'm been looking and a lot of the trucks that i'm finding are over 100000 and seem kinda high ($8000 and up). I'm kind of leery of getting something with a lot of high miles but are the 5.3's pretty good even with high mileage. The ideal truck that i want is like a 2003 regular cab Z71 with the 5.3 in it. I know some have the 4.8 but i heard that the gas mileage isn't that great compared to the 5.3. What are some good things to look for with these newer trucks and what is a good price for one. I've found a couple of regular cab Z71's with under 100k for around $9-11 and they seem to be in pretty good shape. Any tips would be very helpful. Thanks.
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    Quick answer...no, the 5.3 with 100K is not a problem, at all. The 5.7 was a great engine, and the 5.3 is equally as good, most people think it is better. If it is well taken care of, it can go 250K to 300K. I believe in working really hard when I look for a used vehicle. I start with ebay to get an idea of what cars are priced at, and selling for. Currently, there are 57 2002 to 2004 Silverado 1500's on ebay, all types, all prices, all locations. Also, check out cars.com. Don't sweat where a truck is located...you are just doing homework at this point. Also, check kbb.com for retail, by-seller, and trade-in prices. You must be able to recognize a good deal before you start looking. If you don't know what a good deal is, you will see a truck you "just gotta have", and will trick yourself into thinking it is a good deal. Two years from now, you will one of the guys on the internet trying to get $5000 more for your truck than it is worth because you paid $5000 too much for it when you bought it. Do a lot of homework before you start to really look for a truck. And, be willing to cast a large net. If you have to travel a few hundred miles or more to get the exact truck you want, at a price that is really good, it is worth it, by any measure. Good luck in your search!
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    When looking over a used vehicle or truck always check for the signs. 1) How worn are the pedals, that can tell if the odometer has been tampered with. 2) Check if there is a tow hitch and ball. If it looks pretty well banged up and the license plate is also the same, it may indicate that heavy towing was involved which can mean a worn out transmission. 3) Smell the oil. You'll know if the engine has been abused if you smell that distinct burned order. The tranny also. 4) The coolant should look fresh and some what near the original color. However, GM's DEX-Cool may not have any color. Check the overflow bottle. Junk at the bottom may mean poor maintenance. 5) The obvious is the exhaust, blue smoke is an oil burner. 6) Check the front brake rotors. If you see deep groves and brake job would be in order.

    There are many more areas to look at but these are the no brainers. If all of the above are obvious then the truck was not maintained and the engine could be short lived. However, the V8's of the last twenty years usually outlast the vehicle with maintenance and regular oil changes. It's all of the hang ons that go, A/C, alternators. tranny's, radiators, starter's and on and on. I usually keep my cars and trucks around 140K-150K and not once was the engine worn out, but everything else. Only one time at 115,000 on the clock the engine rear oil seal of our Toyota Highlander was leaking and it was going to cost about $1500 at a tranny shop, the wife said no and it turned into a Murano.

    The age if the trucks you're looking at will have over 80K miles. A 7 year old truck and with most people drive 15k-20K miles a year, that will be the norm. I know a few guys who bought used trucks and many take them over 200K.[​IMG]
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    I have a 99 z71 with the 5.3 and she's about to roll over 237,000 now with a lot of life left. Now that she's getting up in age (14 years and a lot of miles) I am currently thinking about an overhaul and cleaning of some major components. She is an SLT but was used as a farm truck. That says a lot as to how far these 5.3s will go.

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