Looking to get more power and mpg if possible!

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  1. I'm looking for ways to get more power and mpg out of my truck. So any suggestions would be appreciated, I prefer to keep it simple! I have a '05 Silvy ext cab V8 4.8L 294 and I have a flow master series model 40 muffler if it matters? I talked to buddies at work they say to just get a block or bore it out. I've bored out my ATV before and was not happy with the results(went through 4pistons, 2clutchs, 3sets of valves and replaced cams multiple times) so I am a little distrusting to the boring out of the motor.

    i was thinking ways like air intake, new exhaust, or other ways. And I wanna keep to like a DIY project.

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    Start with a handheld tuner AND custom tune specific to your truck. It's the biggest bang for the buck, hands down.

  3. Okay and any specific brands to look at?
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    PM [MENTION=32828]06MonteSS[/MENTION] on this forum. He is a site sponsor who does custom tunes and bundles tuning work with Diablosport tuners. You can purchase both the tuner and custom tune as a bundle from him cheaper than buying them separately. I'm very pleased with the results of the work he did for me or I wouldn't recommend you reach out to him.
  5. Ok, thank you for the help!
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    yes, I can certainly get you hooked up....

    the diablosport inTune or Trinity would work for your vehicle...

    I sell both the inTune and Trinity programmers, and I also offer a package deal as well that includes my custom tuning at a reduced cost so you'd save some $$. ;)

    inTune deal: http://intune.diablewtune.com

    Trinity deal: http://trinity.diablewtune.com

    as for the difference between the two... I actually have both the inTune and Trinity for my car... tune wise, the tunes are the same. and of course, my custom tune would be the same as well... the trinity has a few more features, including a performance monitor for 0-60, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times, etc... bigger color touch screen... graphic gauges for monitoring data... and I like the Trinity better for data logging - the logging is better, and since it has a windshield mount (like a gps), a bigger, color screen, so it's easier to go through while it's mounted... you can watch/view the data without having to hold it, since it's mounted to the windshield... there's also an available gauge pod mount adapter for it, so if you have a gauge pod like on your a-pillar, you could mount it right in there with the pod mount... the inTune does not have a mount, so you have to hold it or put it on the seat next to you - kind of defeats the purpose if you want to watch some data while recording it - you'd have to hold on to it and hold it up in front of your face while driving haha, it's a little harder to figure out and find where the parameters are to log and select/deselect, etc... the Trinity will also get an update in the future that will allow you tune more than one vehicle at a time with it... again, these are MY personal preferences... other people like the smaller intune better (it's the size of a credit card), and having to hold it or lay it on the seat may be no big deal to them... but for me, for my own personal preferences, I like the Trinity better...

    So really, it's up to you which one you'd want... if you don't want/need the extra features/bell-n-whistles, then you can go with the inTune - and it's less expensive...

    here are links to their user manuals so you can check them both out:

    Trinity user manual: http://diablosport.com/manualFiles/Trinity/Trinity_Comp_User_Manual.pdf

    inTune user manual: http://diablosport.com/manualFiles/inTune_Comp_User_Manual.pdf

    With the custom tune, you'll gain even better/quicker throttle response & acceleration, stronger/harder pull, smoother & quicker power delivery throughout the rpms, etc...

    as far as gains go... absolute hp/tq gains are hard to predict... every vehicle is different... even if they're the same and have similar mods... location/weather, fuel used, elevation/altitude, etc etc all play a role... the same holds true for mileage gains - those variables, plus driving habits/style, how much highway vs city driving, etc all make a difference.... you could gain no mpg increase, or you could gain up to about 2 mpg increase... tough to say due to the variables in play... so there is no guarantee of any specific amount of hp/tq or mileage gains...

    with the custom tune, I CAN tell you that you will definitely have a very noticable performance difference/gain over and above the canned preset diablo tunes...

    I have gained people anywhere from 12-39hp, and 10-23lb. ft. torque...and 0 to 2 mpg - above and beyond what the preset canned tunes give you... again, obviously mods, fuel used, etc all played a role in who gained what...

  7. wow so much info! thank you again for your time. as to the tunes, I was reading the trinity manual and is it a problem I do not know my trucks transmission type or even which one it is?(it was replaced before i got the truck) and I can buy either but I need to wait for my tax refund(woohoo!) I do have a little knowldge on tuners, but I would feel better getting a custom diablew tune ;) thank you guys for all the help and I will definitely be PM'ing you Lew when I am ready to make the order!

    Thanks again!
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    no it's not a problem... your 2005 has a single pcm that controls both the engine and the tranny, so no worries there...

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! sounds good.. ;)

  9. OOOH! okay lol. I got scared when I saw that so I texted my cousin to ask what tranny they put in.

    and no, thank you for the good deal ;)

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