Looking to try something new, need a set of factory headlights.

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by 08_rado_rocker, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. pmf608

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    I saw a guy on another forum do this exact same project on a new style silverado, but in the silver birch (or whatever they were calling that color in 2007), and it looked really good in that color. White should look really good too.
  2. SurrealOne

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    Here you go. I hope this helps clarify. It's tough to see that these are painted silver as the contrast with the chrome bowls isn't terribly good.

    Also, there wasn't space to list this, but the entire piece on the left side is something I call the 'assembly'. It's also fair to call that piece plus the lens the 'assembly' (when fully assembled, of course).

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  3. 08_rado_rocker

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    Right on bud.. that actually helps clarify what you were saying before alot. Sorry i disappeared on you earlier. The well wasn't just doing something "weird" it was trying to completely die on me. Finally got it back and lined out haha. I appreciate your help/insight on the project, looking forward to trying my hand at something new and seeing how it turns out!
  4. aloxdaddy99

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    That sounds like a bada$$ idea. I am lucky in the fact that when I put in the putco bulbs the reflection from the bulbs make mine match. Post some pics before, during and after.
  5. IanF

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    I bought a set of DEPO headlights to replace my chrome ones on my 2010 Silverado. They are not painted but actually glossy plastic inside. They look exactly like the OEM lights I took out but without the chrome. Maybe if you could find someone that has a contact with the manufacturer of DEPO lights you could get the assembly before they put the lens on and then getting the lens off would not be an issue. Just a thought. (also the DEPO ligts are MUCH cheaper)
  6. stewart7225

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    If your looking for a light to practice on I have a right side light from my pickup that you could have for the price of shipping. I am interested in seeing how this turns out.
  7. 08_rado_rocker

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    Just now remembered i had this thread going... if you're still active and willing to send that thing my way hit me up bro! PM would be best
  8. Burden33

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    you are going to have to get a drimal too and cut along the edge of the lights all the way arond to get theh lights apart we tried with my buddys baking and it never turned out good at all. All so you got to really make sure its sealed up tight after or you will get condasation in it all the time like i did luckly i had an extra pair lieing around when i did it. here is a linke to the other forum im on ito help you out http://www.gmfullsize.com/forum/showthread.php?t=112077

    Good luck with the project im also hoping to try and do it again when i get the time hopfully on my annual leave when things calm abit down

    Also here is samcarroll truck from gmfs who got his painted
    user12228_pic3012_1219114382.jpg user12228_pic744_1209748280.jpg
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