looking to upgrade, don't know what! '05 sub

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  1. hi all,

    got a 2005 1500 Z71 Suburban, and the only thing I've upgraded thus far(2.5yrs of ownership) are the tires, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro 285/70/17. I think the truck deserves a gift for christmas, even if it is a little late. looking to spend no more than $500. wouldn't mind getting higher mpg, or even more power....mmmmmmmm, power..... I've seen the Hypertech Max Energy Tuner, and seems like it may fit the bill. I've found a few threads with mixed reviews, really depends on the
    the driver, from what I've seen. anyone have experience with one in a burb, post please, I'd like to hear your thoughts :)

    thanks in advance and a belated merry christmas!!!
  2. kukini808

    kukini808 Member

    could look into getting a CAI...I got a Volant CAI and its pretty good
  3. thanks for the suggestion kukini808

    anyone else have any experience with CAIs on the burb :) Volant or otherwise.

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