loose pulley?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by sheep, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. sheep

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    a while ago i replaced my fan belt becuz it was showing some wear and making some noise. after i did the noise went away for a while but i bought my little tercel for the MPG and i only drove the truck on the weekends/when i needed to haul something. since its started snowing i have been driving my truck alot more and its making the squeeking noise again. its worce when the engine is cold but it continues even after the engine is warm. one person i talked to suggested its a pulley but im not sure how right he could be since i didnt know him and i have no idea how much experience he has with engines.

    do i just start to tighten stuff down and see where it goes? im assuming too tight would be bad so i dont want to over do it.
  2. JMoney02

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    Is this from a truck you can manually adjust the belt? Or does it have the belt tensioner on it? If its the BT, then it appears to need to have this replaced.This does wear out after time, you can see to marks on it and the arrow should be in the middle of these marks. How many miles on the motor? Now, if it can be manually adjusted, you will need to tighten the belt just a little more. You can tell when it's tight enough buy pushing down on the belt in between the two pullies(water pump/alt pully) about a 1/2 inch, this will give enough tension and enough flex......

  3. sheep

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    it does have the BT, will the arrow and marks be warn off? or something like that?
  4. JMoney02

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    Being cast metal they can wear off, especially if there is a lot of miles. It should be on the top of the cast portion, slim marks, the arrow would be on the part that pull to retrack the pully to change the belt. You still can perform the tension test as I described before, if it seems to easy to push down and moves farther than a 1/2 inch, replace the BT. A little trick for cold weather sqeals is to take a bar of
    soap and allow the bar to run over the ribbed side of the belt. Mark sure you do this where your hands
    will not get caught in any area that could cause you harm........This will quite the squeal, but you still should still replace the BT if the the above is true.....

  5. sheep

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    im thinking it probably needs replacing, the truck only has 125k miles on it which is awsome for a 92 but im assuming its never been replaced.
  6. JMoney02

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    Replace it, should have been done at 65K miles per the service manual, but 100k is more realistic. Holler if you need any more help, let us know how it turns out.....

  7. mrfixdit

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    Slipping is'nt the only way a belt can make noise adhesion is another ( like the noise cellophane tape makes when pulled off the roll) to determine whether its "slippy or sticky" rev the motor to about 2K rpm and hold it steady there if the noise started out loud then softened it is slipping ( the pulley speed caught up to the belt speed and the noise quieted) if the noise follows the rpm and stays steady its adhesion or rubbing ( kinda like a bow on a fiddle) Look closely at the edge of the belt and see if there is a very small ledge instead of a smoothe edge to rib transition. This ledge rubs against the air conditioning pulley sidewall and is quite annoying. I hot glued a piece of tough emery cloth to a stick and held it against the belt til it ground the edge down, worked great.
  8. sheep

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    belt looks great, doesnt seem like its rubbing on anything, i picked up the new pulley today at checkers it wasnt too expensive so if this isnt the problem im not out too much, probably needs replacing anyway.

    how do i get the old pulley off? when i changed the belt i got a breaker bar and lifted the tensioner up, it wasnt exaclty easy so does it thread backwards? or does it thread the same way as anything else and i just really have to give it a good turn?
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  9. JMoney02

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    You only got the pulley, not the whole assembly, which is ok. Yes you going to have to put some force on it as it has torque specs to hold in place, so the breaker bar should do the trick if no air.... If you have room then this is fine. Make sure you put it back nice and tight. Most manuals want you to change the whole thing that way its a matched set, again no big deal...Let us know if you need anything else and when you get it done.....

  10. sheep

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    ok well i replaced the pulley with no problems, the bolt did thread backwards so i got it as tight as i could while trying to keep it still lol.

    that being said it didnt fix the problem. while the belt was loose i tried to wiggle the other pulleys to see if any of them were loose and the powersteering one is a little loose so i guess that the next place im going to try, it needs a special tool to tighten/loosen it so i think im going to drop it off before i go into work since the power steering pump needs to be replacing anyway and the pulley will need to come off to do that. would do it myself but i work during the day and at night its way too cold.

    ill keep you guys posted, thanks for the help

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