Losing power at low idle

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by nlocho11, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. nlocho11

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    So just recently in the past few days, at a low idle, around 1500-2000rpms, my truck's been stalling out on me. Not consistently, but mostly when shifting from drive to reverse, or creeping around in drive. My first thought is fuel pump, which would also maybe explain why it's been getting terrible mileage lately (possibly, I'm just guessing on that). Does this sound about right to anyone? If so, whats a normal price for a replacement, or if not what are some thoughts as to what it is?

    oh yeah, its a 5.3l v8 in a 2004 1500 ext cab

    thanks everyone
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    When did you change your fuel filter last and clean your throttlebody?
  3. nlocho11

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    I've never changed the fuel filter, and as far as I know my dad didnt either, so its still stock with 140k on it. I thought I read somewhere the fuel filters and pumps were made to last a lifetime (though nothing ever is), so I'm guessing its something to be adressed now? However, I haven't experienced the problem since Sunday, doing some heavy driving both yesterday and today, but I can tell something isn't working to peak. Some futher research I did suggests possible clogged or dirty injectors, in which case I'll pick up some fuel treament or use seafoam again...
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    The '04's still had a fuel filter that needs to be changed every 25,000 miles. Your well overdo. Not matter what you need to change the filter before you burn out your fuel pump. The filter is located on the inside frame rail below the drivers door.
  5. nlocho11

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    Okay since that's the case, I'm going to do that asap. Question- how do you (since I couldn't find a write up on here) change the filter? Do I need to drain the fuel, or any special tricks to it? thanks
  6. Magna86

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    First locate the fuel filter and soak the connections with PB Blaster(better than WD40). You will need two wrenches to disconnect the filter.(one for line and other for filter) No special instruction. Since you are up north let the PB do its job because I'm betting its rusted. Gently try to loosen the line but if it doesn't want to move soak some more. Worst cause you end up with broken fuel line and have to replace it. If its stubborn and your afraid of it take it to your mechanic and let him do it that way if it breaks he can fix it. Run some seafoam through your system to help clean it out. Also clean your throttle body. If you do break it loose you will have fuel drain out so have a catch pan.
  7. o3gerber

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    Is the check engine light on? It sounds like a o2 sensor is bad. That will cause it to die at idle and get horrible gas milage, but the check engine light would be on
  8. sdavis2702

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  9. nlocho11

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    Knock on wood, but the symptoms haven't come back since that weekend, just a two day problem it seemed. Bad gas maybe? It's goin down to the shop wednesday to get a new fuel filter and and fluids all the way around. I'm going to drop the oil in it soon too, and I run a little seafoam in the oil for about 100 miles to get crap out when I drop it, does anyone do this in the transmission fluid or others as well? I also do it in the gas tank and run it through the vacuum to clean out the heads.

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