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    Hi all,

    Heres my problem. My 2006 Silverado 5.3 has had a check engine light on for about 4 months now. I cant remember the codes but one was a MAF code and the other two were lean codes. I cleaned the MAF and cleared the codes. They came back. My truck started running very poor a month ago. It has a very hard time keeping speed going up hills. It runs fine at low rpms but once you put your foot in it it falls on its face.

    Thinking the MAF was the problem i pulled the one off my moms 03 tahoe (5.3) and tried it out. The light stayed off but the truck still ran like poo. I disconected the battery for a bit hopeing the fuel trim just needed to be reset but that didnt work either. So i know for sure my MAF needs to be replaced. To remedy the situation I am going to replace the Fuel Pump and filter, Coil Pack (s), Spark Plugs. Prolem is what would be my best bet of doing first?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    do plugs and wires,cap and rotor button coil too your fuel pump in your gas tank its a job
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    Lean and no power under load? Check fuel pressure first, 55-62, key on engine off. Plugged filter can let enough gas through to idle and run lightly loaded and the same can be said about a bad or failing pump. If you are able to monitor fuel pressure while driving it will tell you alot. If you can maintain pressure while under full throttle then pump and filter are not the problem. If pressure falls then replace the filter and do a test run, if it still falls then the pump is not able to maintain the pressure and volume needed and it will need to be changed.

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    The first thing you should Do, is have your Truck Scanned for those Trouble Code's, and as mentioned above, have the Fuel Pressure Check, your local Auto Outlets(Auto Zone O'Reillys Etc) will do this at no charge......until you have this done.....your Just going to be Spending Money on parts, that you Do Not Need to Buying.

    Also....your Silverado being an 06"......It Does Not have An Inline Fuel Filter, the Filter is the Fuel Tank, and is part of the Fuel Pump Assembly.
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    Have they really eliminated the inline filter?

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    G.M. Starting In 2004"....... Moved the Inline Fuel Filter's into the Fuel Tanks and it is now part of the Fuel Pump Assembly and they are Non-Serviceable, with the Exception of the Flex Fuel and the 4.3 V-6 engine's, They(Filter's)were moved into the Fuel Tank's in 2005".......This was done with the addition of the Returnless Fuel System.
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    I would be very intersted to know why the engineers thought that would be a good idea. I begin to understand more and more why there are after market up grades!

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