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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by heavy chevy, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. heavy chevy

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    Ok here goes. I have a 4.8 with 63 cai k&n and a superchips programer. I have usually been running in the 15.3s in the quarter. I just changed my oil. Used royal purple 10-30. Also put a new exhaust on and it is a cherrybomb pro 3 in inlet dual 2 1/2 outlet. I ran the quarter mile today at 16.00 . That is a conciderable drop in quarter mile time. It seems that by changing the oil and the exhaust has made me loose power. I dont know why. Rp oil is supposed to be one of the best for power. Cherrybomb is supposed to increase your power. Why have i lost power. It was also a lil warmer today than it was the last time i did the quarter. It is usually about 60 out side when i do it. My Intake air temp was around 85 deg today. Could that be apart of the added power loss. Also i have been told that I can remove my screen in my mass. Is that true and will it help. IF so how do you do it.

    Please help!!
  2. bzboardco

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    I have heard that sometimes parts are not really compatible....some work better in different ranges. I am just learning about performance parts. So maybe something is contradicting the other. I really don't think it was the oil though :neutral:
  3. heavy chevy

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    I am starting to think it was the weather today. I am goin to check it again tomorrow night and see if it makes any diffrence and it dont help that the road really wasnt strait and level. I think im going to put my lid back on my intake also. I think im picking up warmer air from the inside of the eng compartment.
  4. tlperry68

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    The air temp rise does affect your combustion and the net result is a slight loss of power. That is a big difference though. Maybe by adding the cherry bomb you lost some needed back pressure.
  5. heavy chevy

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    Lol you must not have read the mith of back pressure posted earlier this week. You are supposed to actually gain hp and toqure the less backpressure you have. OR at least that is what all the experts are telling me. The heat and air will make a lot in loss of power. It also matters how dense the air is. That is what it feels like to me that the engine is starving for cool air. I also think the truck was hot. I also wasnt on good leve pavement/.

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