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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by scott0303, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Guys, I was out in the country today doing some work. My low coolant light came on. Ive got a 99 GMC Sierra 5.3L. 4 wheel drive. Truck was in 4 wheel drive at time light came on. At the time I was sitting on a hill with the motor running for about 5 minutes. Engine was facing up the hill. Anyway, when I got up to the top ofthe hill I shut her down and took a look at the coolant level in the reservior. Looked just slightly below the cool line. I put on a small amount of coolant up to the hot level. The coolant light never came back on after restarting. Temp ran about 180 the whole way home. Light never came back on. No leaks visible. Upper radiator hose much hotter than the lower hose. Both hoses actually feel like there isnt much fluid in them. Easy to squeeze. I dont know if that is normal on this truck. Not sure what to do next. Advice needed
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    Keep an eye on the coolant level. If continues to loose more than a quart/mth, then you might look into checking the cooling system for leaks. Your mechanic can check it for you or buy yourself a cooling system pressure tester and check it on your own. Stant makes a nice one. Online for about $70.
  3. scott0303

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    Thanks for the help. Anyone know if the 99 GMC Sierra has that low coolant switch in the reservior? My thoughts are that I was a litttle low on coolant and being on the hill caused this light to come on.

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