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    Hello everyone my girlfriend came with 2wd 2001 Jimmy. She bought it about 8 years ago and we've been together 6 or so. Seems like its had just about all of the common problems. Cooling system, fuel pumps, transmission, intake gasket, steering gearbox, etc. I've done almost all the repairs myself except the trans.

    Here's my question is there a shade tree method to replacing the upper suspension bushings? I can't see buying the tool for a once in a while job. None of the local parts store have it as a loaner tool. Thanks for the help
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    I have pressed them in and out using large sockets. Call a local machine shop and see how much they want to press them in and out. Also, you might want to consider (depending on bushing price and cost for a shop to press them) buying a new upper control arm. You will get the ball joint and new bushings with it. I ended up buying new rear trailing arms for my yukon xl because the price of the bushings and the cost of pressing them in and out was about $40 more than a new arm.
  3. azhighflyer

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    Thanks for the input, life got in the way or Id have been back sooner.

    I realized we have another parts store chain that I completely forgot about, Carquest. Sure enough they have the tool in their loaner program. I'm going to grab it today. Now I can finally get the suspension taken care of. Need new tires and I'd hate to trash them because of worn bushings and bad alignment.

    After that I have to tackle the intermittent P0171 and P0174 codes before emmisions are due.

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