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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by spikebender, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Hello GMTC. New guy here (Tracy) I have a 89 silverado the past couple of months my oil gauge has been giving me problems now when the truck get up to temp the oil pressure gauge drops to zero, starts idling rough and smokes a little. I have checked all the appropriate sensors. I have even put in a lower temp thermostat, but change. I did come across a thread on this site from two years ago with the exact same problem, but it ended with no resolution. I heard this could be a over heating problem. Its never overheated on me. The truck belonged to my Grandfather and it was well taken care of. He never drove far enough to get it up to temp. lol I don't want to be a parts changer, for one thing I cant afford it. Any info on you can give would be great I'm pretty much at a dead end now. Thanks, Tracy :confused:
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    well that could be a number of problems first you need to check the oil pressure at the block with an oil pressure gauge.

    If the gauge comes back with low oil pressure at the block i would start and look at any external leaks at a point that their would be pressure(filter and adapter, cooler lines cooler) if not it could be the gasket at the pick up tube that leaks, when the engine warms up the metal expands and can cause the old hard gasket not to take up the expansion and leak.

    not letting the truck warm up all the way consistantly can be bad for the engine.
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    my truck did the exact same thing... i replaced the oil pump... $400... dont do that
    all you need to do is run thicker oil.
    its a high millage truck, all the clerances have grown so the oil has more space to push back against... so the pressure apears to drop to zero even though there is still oil flowing... its just spread out much more now...

    i replaced the oil pump with a new stock unit. though i wish i went with a high capasity one. it helped it not hit zero so the check guage light didnt come on... but the only thing that really helped was 20w50 oil

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