low speed brake 'slippage' or abs activation on your 4wd?

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    At about 60K I started getting a pulsing in my pedal at low speed stops. At first it seemed to only be happening on wet roads. But eventually it was almost all the time, wet or dry, I was getting this symptom during moderate braking.

    There is a bulletin on this problem but unfortunately I can't find an online link to it. The fix is easy enough though:

    Remove your calipers and mounting brackets
    Then remove your rotors

    Once you do you'll easily see the wheel speed sensors held in place with a single Allen screw. Remove the screw and gently twist out the sensor. Once you remove the sensor you need to clean up the mounting surface where the sensor sits. The slight amount of rust affects the reading. Make the surface nice and shiny with some Emory cloth and your good to go.

    I also took the time to pick the grease and crud out from between each tooth on the gear the sensor reads inside the bearing housing. I'm not sure if I needed to do that but it can't hurt.

    Put it all back together and that annoying pedal pulse should be gone.

    '06 GMC Sierra 1500 WT

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