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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by circaglobe1, Feb 28, 2010.

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    please help my voltage is lowering from 14 to almost nine as i turn on accesories i have replaced the alternator ,battery,comp,ignition coil ign module cap,rotor plugs wires and temp sensor any suggestions would be greatly appreciated the vehicle is a 91 k1500 ext 5.0 305 4x4

    p.s.the idle surges when the voltage is low any help would be much appreciated i dont want to buy a new truck
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    You seemed to cover pretty much everything, except, replacing battery cables. I would replace the alt to battery cable, battery to chassis & chassis to block wires to be safe. It sounds like you might have a poor contact point that causing your problems. Make sure you clean the contact point at all location REALLY good, I also use that battery terminal grease, even on the chassis locations to help with corrosion/rust.

    Also, theirs no problems with adding additional ground point like firewall to chassis to help with ground loops and things like that. Being that it's a '91 you could have some pretty worn and aged wiring.

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