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Discussion in 'Lowered & Urban Suspension' started by tbplus10, Jan 11, 2012.

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    The shackles I bought for my truck are Belltech shackles... I went with a company that seems to be one of the drop suspension leaders. They were reasonably priced at $80 here in Canada. That being said, a shackle is basically a shackle, and they would have to be REALLY poorly built for there to be much of a quality difference between one brand and another, in my opinion.

    If you go the route of removing the block between the spring and the axle instead, I would strongly suggest getting new U-bolts. Even if the old ones will work, they are not intended to be torqued more than once and could pose a safety hazard if reused.
  2. MoBillyAla

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    I agree, I want the exact same stance on mine... the few times I do haul its usually pulling a small car halfway across the country. I figure if nothing else if it really interfered with the towing it would be too easy to put the original shackles back on for the tow and then swap them out again once I made the tow... thanks everyone for the advice and opinions
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    I put the 2" drop shackles on my 04 silverado. It leveled out the stance to just about perfect for me. Towing isn't toooo much of a problem. A 20' bass boat drops it about an inch but it's nothing that the truck can't handle by any means. Then again it is a pretty heavy boat...

    Here's a picture of my before and after.

    I did change rims but you still get the idea. I hope...
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    If you have a rear lift block pull that first and see where it sits after, you may need shorter than stock U-bolts, but they are readily available. If it still needs to come down after that, most drop shackles have 2 sets of holes so you can mount them with 1 or 2 inches of drop. You will have to cut some of the bumpstop off as you will lose suspension travel and subsequently the ability to carry really heavy loads without bottoming out. I don't know from experience but I believe the NNBS trucks have a lip on the bottom of the bed which keep the top shackle bolt from being pulled out and you either have to loosen and jack up the bed or I've heard of some people bending the lip out of the way. When I did mine I removed the bed because one bolt was seized and had to be cut and also my spare tire was frozen in the up position.
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    I havent looked at the blocks yet but they arent wedged are they?
    If they are this may cause an issue with driveshaft angle, something I'm hoping to avoid.
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    Factory blocks aren't wedged, mine were 2" thick. Add that to the 2" shackles for a total of 4" of rear drop, with no drive shaft angle problems.
  7. We did the leveling kit up front and removed the blocks out back ... used same U-bolts and all .... here's how ours turned out ...

  8. Coolwheels05

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    Mine is leveled in the back with 2" shackles. It's been that way since 2005 with no problems with the stock shocks.
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    I will be installing the 2" shackles on my truck tomorrow and will try to post up some pics once done. Thanks everyone for all the input can't wait to see how my truck looks sitting level :mdr:
  10. tbplus10

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    WhooHaa, your giving me motivation to get out and work on mine, been to busy yet and now instead of the parts sitting on my work bench their burried under other projects.

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