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    So, I've got the rear of my truck lowered 5" (leaf spring flipped, 2" hanger). I was having issues with the shocks bottoming out on me, so I put McGaughy's drop specific shocks on him, but then had an issue with the axle slamming into the bump stop mount (yes the mount itself, the foam pads were cut off). To relieve this issue, I hacked the mounts off of the frame lol. I have not yet attempted to load much anything into my truck since this has been done, but I will be moving some stuff from Louisiana back home in the next month or two.

    I will be installing a totally hidden hitch behind the roll pan and a license plate flip-up kit, and am considering adding a couple of air bags to assist the load and prevent the already low pickup from dragging the ground. Does anyone have any experience with towing under circumstances like mine? Looking for any insight to the brand of air bags people prefer, installation notes, etc...

    PS... what happened to the "lowered" section? lol I see the lifted section still. Am i just missing it?
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    I like the firestone industrial airbags, but sorry I dont have any experience with them on a lowered truck.
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    Gotcha! thanks for pointing that out... it was early.. or late. or something along those lines haha when i was looking for it. I guess they have to keep our section a secret like the girlfriend your wife doesn't know about kinda thing. :rofl:

    Thanks for the input [MENTION=26043]dsfloyd[/MENTION] I will look into them.
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    Last fall I dropped my 2011 3" r/r with a shackle kit and removal of the factory block and 2" front with spindles, I didnt have bottoming issues like yours but I did have issues dragging the trailer on almost every driveway I entered.
    It was so bad with my Carson 22' car trailer that I decided to bring the truck back up 2" since it trailers about 40% of the time.
    My boat trailer wasnt as bad although I thought I was gonna rip the outdrive off one day coming through a rain gutter.
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    So I finally bought the trailer I've been wanting to haul my car to races etc. Don't mind the ford pulling it haha, Truck Norris currently doesn't have a hitch.

    I have purchased my helper bags already (can't remember the brand at the moment, but that will all be in the thread when they're installed), ordered my hidden hitch (hides behind the roll pan and receives through the license plate hole with flip-up kit), and ordered a decent brake controller.

    I am planning on adding some powerful LED perimeter lighting, interior LED lighting, and a decent sized winch to it but I am concerned with the amount of draw that'll be pulled from my truck. The winch will be wired to an independent deep cycle battery of course, but my lights dim already with the system and lighting I've got inside the truck.

    Has anyone on here ever upgraded the alternator amp output for these reasons? I am also looking into running a cable from my battery to the rear of the truck and rigging up a connector similar to that of which tractor trailers use for air lines to assist with keeping the deep cycle charged/running the winch under loads and possibly wiring the auxiliary lighting in with it. Curious to know if anyone has had any experience in doing this and can give some pointers in the area.
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    nobody has anything to put in on this??
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    Lameness. I guess Ill just shoot for the stars and post what I get out of it haha.
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    You can only drop a truck so far before you either a: have to notch the frame

    Or b: increase suspension with helper bags/springs to avoid the bump stops.

    I dropped my s10 3" in the back and installed helper bags since I did a lot of towing with it. I pulled a 1/2 ton chevy on a flat bed and barely nudged my shorty bump stops after

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    Thank you for the input on that portion... glad to know the route I'm taking is going to work well for me. Anybody have anything on the electrical side of it?

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