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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by 08_rado_rocker, Oct 1, 2013.

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    You should upgrade the alternator but u need to find one built for the electrical system. Also LEDs use less power so don"t worry about their draw. Most draw close to nothing.
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    I know they'll pull less to an extent, and the LEDs aren't really my main concern (as they wont be wired into the auxiliary wire of the 7 pin anyhow), more curious about the portion discussing the deep cycle battery and running a cable to the back of the truck for charging and providing extra amperage during use. I just haven't ever seen anyone do it before haha.

    Everything is starting to arrive, so hopefully I will have some downtime at work or a day off to start building an auxiliary lighting and winch power system. Seems like I should do a write-up on it (assuming I don't burn my truck to the ground):rofl:
  3. 08_rado_rocker

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    Got my hidden hitch installed today, installation took all of 10 minutes by my lonesome including stopping to take pictures.
    Electric impact for ease of installation...
    Ramp the truck (sometimes I wonder if lowering him was worth it lol)
    Before installation of the hitch...
    Locate the existing holes in the frame rail (my truck had a tow package from the factory that I removed to install the roll pan, so the holes were easy to spot)
    Insert bolts and large washers (included with hitch) into the existing holes from the top.
    Laying width ways of the truck, use your knees to hold up the side opposite your head (obviously :rofl:), push up the other and hand tighten one of the included lock nut/washer to hold the unit, allowing you to repeat the process on the opposite side of the truck.
    Place ratchet with 3/4 socket on top side and zip the nut up with impact!
    Ensure that the hitch is centered on the frame rails, torque the nuts to 75 lb/ft.. DONE!
    There are several companies that have license plate "flip kits". I bought this one on ebay for $11, shipped free, received it two days after purchase.

    I got called out in the middle of installing the receiver, so I will be installing the 7/4 pole combination plug and proportional brake controller (from etrailer.com) when I get another chance. After that, the air bags will be next, and then my auxiliary wiring/charging system setup I'm designing!

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